What's you favorite treat aka candy for holloween

Me it’s the sour patch kids, those strawberry wrapper hard candy then soft in the middle dum dum pops, sweet tarts, NERDS if anyone heard of them and pop rocks the blue and red one favorite flavors

Don’t judge me I also like candy corn

I like candy corn too. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: One if my teammates makes fun of me for it.


What in the heck is wrong with candy corn? Why god why?

Mars obviously when’s the last time you stayed on earth and managed somehow eat a space rock

Pop rocks isn’t from mars

Favorite candy since I always have some on me

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These would be my favorite chocolate bar, also Almond Crush Pocky. Though Im also a sucker for a good old-fashioned Snickers bar or a Payday
Most candy from our childhoods tastes freaking gross now. It tastes like they went super cheap on the ingredients, especially chocolate. I used to love Kit Kats and Crunch bars and now they’re horrible :face_vomiting:

Also Candy Corn is revolting. Destroy it with fire!


Wish I could give a half a heart for that candy corn comment paydays are fire I don’t eat Snickers no more I feel that taste changed in the Snickers

Beers……many many beers


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It’s a good thing you like chunk too, or else we would have a problem here.

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And if she didn’t what could you do

I haven’t tried candy corn… I really like all kinds of chocolate, nerds, etc… i didnt get much candy because where I live they usually give out fruit lol.

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What’s wrong with fruit I take a mango over candy

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups-- King of Candy!

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Anything chocolate will do me. Although… Cadbury’s dark bubbly chocolate would probably be my favourite–if only they’d put it back on the shelf! That strong, chocolaty taste, whilst also being light and airy, which helped balance it out. Made it less “intense”, so to speak.

And ah, I may or may not have had to look up candy corn.

I remember having our door knocked on for haloween one year - it was the year my family moved up to Brisbane. Anyways, we’d forgotten about haloween, so kinda had a little shock. My parents searched the kitchen for any lollies we might have, there were none lmao. So we ended up giving them some dried fruit.

Needless to say, no one knocked on our door the following year.

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Yes! Those are delicious :drooling_face:

Ooo their pumpkin shaped ones I would say would be slightly better

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Sour apple candy. Mike and Ike made sour apple ones that were amazing. They stopped making them though.

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