What's your favorite food?


I got a sudden intense craving for those delicious cheese bunnies, so that’s what led me to ask: what’s your favorite food, or favorite thing to cook?
I personally don’t cook stuff a lot because boy, me fiddling with a stove is a recipe for disaster. I do have a strong affinity for NY-style cheesecake; had it for my birthday a couple weeks ago. What about ya’ll?


Love me some Persian, or Indian food… Gormeh Sabzi is one of my favorites, its a persian herb stew you eat over rice. Who am I kidding though, I am a fat guy that loves to cook so any food will do :smiley:


Ooh that sounds good! I can’t say I’m a connesiaer… conno… connoiseur! in food, but I do love to eat :stuck_out_tongue:


Deffinatly Chille Reinos! Not sure if I’m spelling it right but it is a publano pepper stuffed with cheese and deep fat fried! (Not sure if I spelled publano right either, where is autocorrect when I need it lol)




I haven’t heard of that either, cool! I love spicy peppers :heart_eyes:


Nasi goreng. I almost eat it everyday. :heart_eyes:
And lately I’ve been addicted to Iga Gongso (Solo/Semarang style sauté ribs dish). It’s sweet, spicy, overall just tastes rich (?). I love Indonesian and Thai food. There’s this Thai street snack I tried with potato, smoked beef, and sweet and spicy sauce. It was soooo gooood but I don’t remember it’s name. :sob:


Chile(s) Rellenos if you can’t add accents and tildes


Juevos con Chorizo for breakfast :smile:

Pretty much anything that doesn’t include peas or brussel sprouts for lunch and dinner

Turtle Cheesecake for dessert


Mexican!!! Especially tacos!!!:taco::taco:


fish tacos, yum


I love phō. It’s the best thing to me. However, I’m horrible at cooking anything but macaroni and cheese, due to the fact that I melted chocolate chip cookies once and to this day have no idea how it happened. I followed everything on the recipe!!


Omg. I can make eggs and mac n cheese, that’s all I trust myself with. Activities requiring time limits and remembering those time limits often do not get along well with me :sweat_smile:




Or Bratwurst with curry ketchup.




never had it but it looks tasty




I don’t have a favorite food. There’s so much good stuff out there that I wouldn’t really limit myself. I try to cook and eat a lot of stuff from every corner of the world, though I still haven’t managed it all yet.