What's your favorite Pokemon and/or Pokemon game?


Just as the title says! Off-Topic post is off-topic :stuck_out_tongue::joy:
My favorite Pokemon is Silvally (and by extension Type: Null). Its backstory and design really appeal to me, plus I love the type changing aspect + Multi-Attack. My favorite game is probably Moon or HeartGold. Would most likely be Ultra Moon but I haven’t played it in a while and am barely halfway through :sob:
I only got into Pokemon when X and Y came out. I’m excessively late to the party.


My favorite game is probably Soul Silver. Hard to say what my favorite pokémon is though. There are so many to choose from.


Idk the games, but favorite Pokémon is 1.) the Eevee series. 2.) Mewtwo.

There’s also another but I forget it’s name so I’ll have to look… Been awhile, lol.


Dragonite, no contest.


Favorite game isn probably heart gold though despite all the hate it got I also really liked Omega Ruby. Hated Sun and Moon. Top 3 fav mons are
1 Charizard/Mega Yzard
2 Blaziken
3 Volcarona
( I like fire types)


Reshiram and arceus and my favourite game was black and white


Ohh, I love the eevee series! I think Umbreon and Espeon are my favorites of them. I especially like the duo in the Pokémon Colosseum game for the Nintendo Game cube. It always amazed me how one pokémon could evolve into so many different ones.


I love the Eevee group too! Sylveon’s a top favorite of mine. :heart:


Latias / Latios. Sapphire


Emerald. And rayquaza


Haxorous for days…


Hated em? Might I ask why? Also Blaziken is cool :+1:


They were really disappoining. They were full of missed opportunities and steps backward from better versions of features created in previous versions. The dex was incredibly lame and I hated the idea of ultra beasts. Also while they could have been cool, they pretty much stopped putting in effort with the trials after the 2nd island. I didnt even bother getting USUM, it wasnt worth another $40

Also I waited 20 years for an awesome fire tiger and instead they have me a Tony the Tiger ripoff. They need to stop making every 3rd evolution fire starter a humanoid


Ah, gotcha. I haven’t played many of the older games so I’m not as experienced but I really enjoyed the story of Moon. I can definitely see points where it’s lacking—I felt that some features really weren’t expanded on enough and it just seemed sort of underwhelming. Not all of the Pokemon were great.
Especially this one!
What in the hell were they thinking.

Ok that one is from Ultra Moon but my point still stands I hope.


Favorite Pokémon Games: Soul Silver
Favorite Pokémon: Milotic
Favorite Cute(s): Joltic, Swablu, Fletchling
Favorite Starter(s): Rowlet, Piplup, Charizard
Favorite Dragon: Flygon
Favorite Fossil(s): Tyrantrum, Anorith
Favorite Pseudo-Legendary: Tyranitar
Favorite Legendary: Groundon
Favorite Mythical: Darkrai
Least Favorite: Luvdisc



no contest


I’ve only played Pokemon Go … so far only have 198 out of the 370.

My favorite, she’s a cutie.


Your ‘She’ is actually a ‘He’. There’s a little male sumbol to the right of the health bar.
edit: Also you can evolve him to get a Wigglytuff :+1:


No way :flushed:. I’ve been lied to! :sob::sob::sob:

Edit: I got Wiggly already but prefer Jiggly, even though he’s a he now. :cry:


My favorite Pokemon game is WD without a breeding path:

“Gotta hatch 'em all”