What's your favorite Pokemon and/or Pokemon game?


Well, I enjoyed sun and moon, if only because of how mockable it was. I mean, seriously, it’s Pokémon S&M, how could I NOT make fun of it?


Haha god yeah Incineroar is ugly as sh!t. Loved its first two evolutions and then they ruined it.


How is it that ya’ll can still surprise me? :woman_facepalming:



I love Pokemon.

First game I played was Crystal, then R/B/Y, then G/S, then the rest of them in order (except for 4th + 5th gen, never had a DS so I skipped over those games).

My favourite Gen is Gen Two and my favourite pokemon is Suicune! Follow up is Articuno, really like the ice ones… :snowflake: Huge fan of a LOT of others, as well, in terms of my go-to party in each game.

Aaaaanyway, I could go on forever about Pokemon. I will reserve myself for now…


my first game was Platinum, then I played Y, then sun, then ultra sun. My favorite Pokémon are mega scizor, clawitzer, vikavolt, cresselia, and my all-time most favorite, Necrozma. I also love xurkitree.


I like Espeon the best of them :wink:


Great minds think alike! :smiley:


You’re my new best friend. Espeon is my favourite, too. :slight_smile:


Does Pokémon Snap count? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: My favorite Pokémon would definately be Lapras.


Time to celebrate Espeon! :stuck_out_tongue:


Pokemon Snap was the beeeeeest! I played it incessantly. I still have all my N64 + games + controllers, as I am a retro collector, so I play this from time to time and muscle memory kicks right back in.




Eggxecutor :rofl::rofl::rofl:


My fave is Kabutops, Gardevoir and Heracross


Espeon is pretty nice. It’s my second fave other than Leafeon.


I have only ever played the original 3 (RBY) and still have them for my Gameboy (non color). This was when they very first came out and have thought all of the new ones were just weird when they came out 🤷

Favorite Pokemon of the series included Mew, Articuno and Zapdos