What's your war song?

I can’t help myself, every time I ask my teammates about war runs, I start singing this.
(Sung to “Do You Want To Build A Snowman”)

Do you want to do a war run?
Let’s light some towers all ablaze
I have time for just one more
Don’t tie the score
Everything’s in flame

Always ask your buddies
to back you up
It’s not good to solo fly!

Do you want to do a war run?
We’re here to help with your war run…

C’mon let’s fly…

Do you want to do a war run?
And gain a few XP
Plus some lumber and some food
Your run is overdue
Let your dragon’s stretch their wings

It gets a little lonely
On a solo flight
Or waiting for an invite…

Do you want to do a war run?
We’re here to help with your war run…

Ok. Fly.


Cute :rofl:

I’m gonna have to watch that movie again now.

Don’t judge me :joy::joy::joy:

No judging…I’m on the verge of doing the same, the song is stuck in my head right now. It doesn’t help that we’re on war #3 also :upside_down_face:

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OK, Fly (right at the end)

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When I’m on pvp, attacking over and over the same bases, I usually listen to Daft Punk with a preference for the album Discovery. « One more time » always get me pumped up for another run :wink:

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“I believe I can fly” followed by “Tomorrow” (Annie) .


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I absolutely love your song. :heart_eyes:

I love this album!! Aerodynamic for me. Absolute BANGER!!

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(All Star parody)

Somebody once told me to do my war run quickly, there’s only a few minutes left.
I need to get some backup but no-one’s on to back me, guess I’m on my own again. I gotta get five flames on a level three hundred. I’m a level one hundred but I might as well try it. My God I am so screewwwed, better have some excuses that are very believable.

I haven’t listened to the actual song in a while so some of the lyrics may be off key but oh well. I hope this has never happened to anybody.

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That’s awesome! :heart_eyes:

Now that’s going to be stuck in my head…

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