When A Blue Mage Thinks Its Kobe



That was crazy


…??? How has this thread not closed automatically? Lmfao :t_rex:


I’m pretty sure when it’s reopened upon player request it stays open until manually closed. Idk if this was ever fixed, it’s become second nature to make sure nothing survives there unsanded


Im still gettin hit by random flaks mid turn into seagazer… doesnt happen often but it did happen yesterday in fact.


I saw this happen with island #2 perch dragon too:


Arf! I’ve totally forgot about this glitch. Now I understand what append to my dragon every time I do the fire flak mission on el3m3ntal’s base…:rofl:


Yes this glitch keeps happening. Actually couples days ago happened to me.


This will happen everytime a tower is left active on the back left of 6. Doesn’t matter what the tower is.


So its the supershot that is glitched? Meaning storms are safe?


Good question I’m not 100% sure if only SS is affected or normal shots also.


Thanks for sharing the info :blush:


If normal shots couldn’t be Kobe’d, then why would this:

have happened? The supershot of an ice turret is to give a shield to surrounding towers.


Storms dont do anything in that spot


Interesting… Well, that’s something to know :upside_down_face:


Unfortunately its all i got lol


Ice turret SS does a very short burst of damage, and it has a much longer range than the normal stream so it often times hurts ember cleans. Storms don’t do any damage when they super so you won’t feel anything.


:exploding_head: I did not realize that ice turret SS does a burst of damage before doing the shield!


Sure does :slight_smile:


I thought the storm supershot shield also boosts the storm damage output for a short period of time?
Although that could still mean that it doesn’t result in an extra attack animation, thus not posing a threat for Ember.


0 damage…possibly negative dmg