When are the bugs getting fixed?


Why after 3 events are the bugs still getting worse in the game ? Everyone’s game is crashing now & even effects our phones to cause it to freeze up or even reboots, also we can’t even defend properly cause it doesn’t load up fast enough to even defend in the first part plus half the time the defense supplies don’t even load to even do a defense. For attackers the game is doing freezes non stop through dragon flight so what the hell is going on??? I hope we will be redeemed for the so many boosts & x5 xp etc. We have all lost out on & have this game fixed before adding anymore bullshit to it in causing more issues which is already leading players/customers to quit the game.


My iPhone has started freezing now. Didn’t have this problem until update…


Please don’t generalize just to prove a point. Not everyone is experiencing crashes, just a select group.


I’m just trying to get answers that me and others I know that are having the same issues but I guess your right about it being a selected group but why & what does that mean? Sounds like we are targeted or picked out or something & just not far when others have no issues at all. Sorry but it’s pissing me off to be honest & just need answers to get cooled down


Let me guess you are on Android.


Played on iPhone 7 Plus and now iPhone 8 Plus for a year. Can count the crashes on 1 hand. Sorry


Let me guess you are not android lol

Edit guess I should mention I’m not an idiot that was a joke…


Let me guess, you’re hoarding posts… :unamused::unamused:


Not sure what that means but since I can’t log into the game since the game put me over my data limit twice in one day yes I’m here…hoarding posts wtf


Honestly when it’s an android problem having the apple users chime in can be annoying as all it does is give pg reason to say oh this isn’t a big deal since this guy doesn’t experience it. Hoarding posts… Really


I think android users get it by now that Apple users don’t experience the same problems…+1 more hoarded post whatever the hell that means


Well I’m iPhone6, and I crash multiple times an hour. Actually…haven’t since this update now that I think about it, so fingers crossed, but it’s been getting bad for a while.


Sorry I didn’t mean to infer nobody with an iPhone ever has a bug or crash, but the defense issues have been going on for a long time and nobody I know with iPhone has the issues. I can attack a base and know if the defender has apple because he’s all set up before my fight even loads. It just is frustrating when there is a post about an android issue and someone says they don’t have that issue so in PG eyes it’s suddenly not a common problem. No offense intended, I’d just like problems to get solved when possible rather than not solved because somebody else isn’t having that problem, so now it’s not a priority…


The original thread never implied that this is an Android issue. It just stated the issues that the player has. So, you are the one generalizing this issue towards Android phones while some old gen iPhones also have the issue. Not every single android user has this issue either and I know that for a fact because I have few friends that play on Android and don’t suffer from these issues.

Since you’re having so many issues and want to bring this to PG’s attention then why overload the thread with useless jokes and multiple consecutive post (hoarding posts)?


Well my consecutive posts came after your hoarding posts comment so not sure how it applies. But the defense issues have been going on for awhile. Sorry you took such offense, it is just frustrating when issues get put on the backburner because some people don’t experience said issues, speaking as someone who has experienced plenty of issues and seen the mods (won’t specify who) comment something to the effect of “well it’s clear this doesn’t effect everyone…”

Again, sorry you took offense bud, glad you are not having any issues.


And better not dare make a joke, say “lol,” or post something that doesn’t offer something productive or the world will know you’re not just a stick in the mud, you’re a post hoarder. +1 to the hoard.


I don’t feel offended. This is not the only thread where you are putting consecutive posts… You can’t write everything you want in the single post or edit the previous post?

To be honest, people that I hear have issues with this game usually run old gen phones? As the game becomes more and more demanding I don’t know how we can expect it to keep running smoothly. I have an old iPad that has issues with the game and runs slow. I don’t expect it to run perfectly.

I might be wrong and this has nothing to do with the issues you are having, but I know that these issues can occur due to the things I mentioned above.


I will apologize then, if I’ve had consecutive posts in other threads. The ones here were intentional, but I am not generally speaking a frequenter of forums so I was not sure if replying to different people was the way to go or just to toss everything into one. The issues on the defense have been longstanding for android. I do apologize, I’m not saying every single person with android has them because I do not see what happens on their phones, but the problems discussed by OP have been long standing android issues.

Again sorry for consecutive posts in other threads, I honestly didn’t know I even did it, but I’m assuming it was replies to people otherwise I’m not sure why I wouldn’t just edit. In the future I will not reply to multiple people in a thread, I am still getting used to things. I apologize.


Yes I’m Android LG K20 with 60 GB card but I know many people with Andriods that didn’t have this issue. And ic iPhone users are as childish as always.

Seems game is alil better now after this new update, if anything changes I’ll post again to let you know. Just sucks on much supplies I lost from never giving up trying to get game working through these past 2-3 days from force stoping to more then 5 times re-downloading game & cleaning more available space even though I already had over 50GB not being used


Thank you Ragnar for posting to show others that iPhones do crash also, no phone is perfect cause it’s all man made.