When are the gold 1 teams gaining access during this Unearthed Season?

How long does it take for atlas to be added to a team after the last atlas season ended? The team I am on now has been in gold 1 since the last season

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Send a ticket if your team still doesn’t have atlas access.

8 new teams were added at the beginning of this atlas season. You will have to ask PG why your team was not included.

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I have sent several

They told me I was supposed to be added and tht they were looking into it but my team needs it yesterday

Sending more than one will only delay any solution you may get longer.

If you add somethung in your existing ticket or send a new ticket, it pushes you back to the end of the line.

Sending one and waiting for a proper answer then adding or responding accordingly will always have higher chance for you to get your issue explained or resolved quicker.


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