When are they gonna come out with new atlas quest?

Theirs not nearly enough. i really liked the touchstone prize a lot. somehow i already finished all the quest tho. kinda lame if you ask me. hopefully they keep adding to atlas. im starting to really enjoy atlas. just wish the primarch could be lvled up sooner and werent capped at such a high rss gold storage lvl.

That’s what Kingpin and the other PvP events are for, which I think allows for a good amount of glory to be obtained for all levels.

They actually don’t get capped. Any gold you can’t get due to storage caps is paid off with rubies, and isn’t a ridiculously high price anyways.

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This first set of quests serve to help players new and old get a better grasp of how to navigate Atlas and its features. More will be on the way in the future, and not all are simply meant to just teach Atlas either!


ok cool thanks for the info bro. much appreciated indeed. Ill prob end up getting the second slot with rubies but wait to upgrade primarchs till my rss storage can hold more. right now at lvl 20 it can only do like 2.56mill or something like that and 3.12mill i wana say is needed. but thats just from 2 to 3.

Im excited for more quests tho. even tho i was already familiar with the ones in thier i thought they were fun. i liked the prizes too lol.

i have the glory, its just the gold storage doesn’t hold enough to lvl them up. all my primarchs are capped right now cuz of that at lvl 2. i looked in the forums and found each lvl or rss how much gold is held. and i can’t lvl up to 3 with just gold till in the later hundreds.

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