When attacking and see defends shields An stuff in chat

Exp if I attack someone an people are defending the base An you see that they use shields An boosts in chat, can you get rid of that it’s pointless, it clogs up chat An you can never see what the second attacker says cause the defenders stuff shows up. I don’t think anyone really cares what defenders are using. We know they are there we don’t need to see what there doin. We need to see what our team members are saying in the attack. So can you please get rid of showing defenders showing up in chat please An thank you.


I concur!
Here! Here!

Quality of life improvements please. Ty PG!

, that they happen so close together within less than 20 minutes of being made of each other threads being made so close together that it is the proof that I had no idea that the other person was also making the thread at the same time I was does that make sense I forgot to mention that this was not my idea I was merely promoting it and that I had no idea that the person that came up with this idea also posted a similar thread about this topic .
OK thank you for reading this and thank you much , Moderators.

This was just an incredible and happy accident and coincidence

Agreed. Seeing defense notifications while attacking in no way impacts strategy. Especially
because you don’t even know which island or tower is getting shields/supershots. All that matters is that defenders are there.


Splendid splattered Dragon

Edit #2 - The OP has a great idea. In all seriousness though folks…It is all about! :microphone: :notes: :musical_note: The Quuahaliteeeeheee!!Ooooof! Liiiiheyeueeefife! Oh yah! :notes: The quality of life! :microphone: Edit: Yes, I drew This.

A :crossed_swords: and shield :shield: Tower worker against A Legendary Lightening Dragon . Lightening Tower level 25

Splendid sideways dragon :grin: consider rotating your pictures if you want people to look at them…

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