When breeding goes wrong...breed once followed by autobreed using rubies instead of tokens

Just had this happen to me. Used breed once then autobreed and suddenly tokens changed to rubies in the upper right display of autobreeding window. Robbed me of 9000 rubies before I saw it change. Have a ticket in and support admitted that examining my account supports my claims there’s some issue and something went wrong (No I didn’t press breed with rubies accidentally. My rubies are too valuable for me to get careless suddenly after a year and a half of playing). To top it off the points it gave me was equivalent to only two “breed with rubies” rounds which is only 3000 rubies. It not only switched over to breed with tokens by itself, it also took out and additional 6000 extra rubies. I can only assume it ran autobreed 20 eggs with rubies twice when it glitched (before I noticed and stopped it) because of the event points it gave me; so this is where I set my entry point for calculations.

Anyways just want to know who else has experienced this before. Support is like a snail today and probably this will completely ruin this event for me. This being because I’m not claiming any prizes or using any more tokens or rubies so that when they do try to correct my account it’s not too convoluted and they say they can no longer fix it.

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the only time something like this happened to me was one i accidentally bought 1 bronze chest. i thought it was just a little mistake. not too bad. then i checked my rubies and i freaked out. i had lost around 2k rubies i think. turns out, it just kept buying bronze chests :frowning:

That’s odd as well since it’s not supposed to keep going by itself when using rubies for chests. But what happened to me was not initiated from a user error. This was not from mistakenly pressing the button to use rubies. It glitched and switched to rubies by itself sometime after pressing breed once (tokens) and then pressing autobreed (tokens again as I didn’t exit the breed window after using breed once). Unfortunately I didn’t notice that the graphic changed from a token to a ruby until it already ran a few times.

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Wish you luck. Best of luck.

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