When can I perch my Phweemp?

I worked hard for that thing. Let me do something with it, please.

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Did you actually refer 20 (or at least 10, if they made it to level 40) real players?

Yes, but only one successfully stuck with the game.

The highest referral is 154 right now. The rest stopped before 40

I see, well then I guess you should be able to perch that thing! I was just thinking that the only other person Ive ever seen with phweemp got it by leveling up 20 alts. In his case I would say cant really complain when he gamed the system in the first place.

Last I heard (and that was ago awhile) that Phweep stills waves at attackers when on a perch.
I went to help dragon perches section and found this:
Phweemp: Since it is an exceptionally unique dragon, it is currently incompatible due to animation. (It will wave Hi instead of attacking…)

So I am going to guess no, but I could be wrong

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Please perch phweemp so that I can see it on a live base :joy: Did they end up disabling the ability to select it?

I would love to see that on a perch too. That would be hilarious.

I vaguely remember a perched pwheemp on an xp base I ran some time ago. I may be wrong tho.

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I can’t do anything with it.

I remember one a an xp base as well I didn’t know if it was just my mind playing tricks lol

If I was you I would keep phweemp on my roster and use when backing up low levels, just to be able to fly it

Lmao great idea use it on invader LX. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


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