When do we receive our Atlas chests for extra Winterjol chests after completing all Atlas lines?

I completed all Atlas lines and had a little over 1400 extra Winterjol chests left over. There was no button to convert the Winter chests to Atlas chests at the end of any of the lines. Now with the start of the new season, it says that I have zero Springblossom chests (this makes sense), but I don’t have any Atlas chests either. I did message the help line several times and their response was “wait for the announcement and they will automatically convert from Winterjol to Atlas chests at a 10:1 ratio.

Has the springblossom season stsrted, though? I imagine that would be handled at the start of the new season (though I may be talking out my butt)

I think Crisis or I answered this in another thread, but they will be distributed to eligible players in the coming weeks.

Coming weeks? Why so long?

It may be sooner, but I would rather give a longer time frame then give a short window and have it pass. There is usually just buffer in case something pops up that requires all hands on deck/more immediate attention.

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Would you not agree that what’s stated in this thread is a little misleading then?


Seriously people just wait :man_facepalming:

The hope was that it would be out by then. There have a few things delaying the release. We are working to get it out as quickly as possible.

Some folks have already gotten theirs. (I know this is 5 hours after the post, but the first person I know who got their atlas chests for completing the entire atlas line was 4+ hours ago)

I don’t know if it’s a multi-day thing but it sounded like it was something that once started should be done within a day.

Received mine a few hours after season open

I haven’t still received mine. I seriously don’t understand why it’s different for different players.

how much total glory did you have for the season?
did you claim literally EVERY possible prize? - if you didn’t you won’t get any chests

Did you actually claim the chests? They’re on the left side like regular event prizes.

4m + glory. And yes I claimed everything possible. And no I didn’t receive any thing claimable in the place you mentioned @Lx460

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:open_mouth: very sorry to hear this! I hope support helps you promptly

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I still haven’t received mine yet either. Had 4m glory and an extra 2300 chests.

Send in a ticket, they resolved it for me almost immediately after I send the ticket.

I had messaged support earlier and it finally did the trick. Thanks. I let my other teammates know to do the same.

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