When do you get access to Atlas?

Hi everyone,
When and how do you get access to Atlas? Before ive heard that you get it when reaching plat. but ive heard sapphire too? So wich is it, would someone spare a minutenor two and explain it to me? :blush:

been sap now for a long while.

The last word from PG was: Get to sapphire. Remain in Sapphire for at least 3 weeks. Contact Support and request to be added. Teams are not added during Atlas seasons, only between Atlas seasons, so you’re looking for support to confirm that you’re on a list for the start of the next season.

edit: This process is still dumb, especially the fuzziness around when in the journey you should contact support and how long you need to remain in Sapphire.

3+ weeks in Sapphire 3 is a high bar for non-atlas teams - even for a new team formed out of recent Atlas players, giving up 3+ weeks of Atlas is a lot to ask. Anyway, I’d aim to hit sapph with about 4-6 weeks left in the atlas season, contact support immediately and then again after the second league reset and keep doing it until you get confirmation.

good luck in your quest for atlas


you also have to be level 25 and on a team that already has it :eyes:

We can look at the Atlas invite process, but honestly for the foreseeable future there’s higher priority work to be done on Atlas. I’m chiming in on the thread because if there’s a lot of teams that are feeling blocked by the current process / situation, then we could discuss a higher priority for addressing this.

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This should be on the top of the list

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