When do you open chests

I have been saving my gold and bronze chests for the last few weeks and I am curious to know when you guys open them. During pvp or breeding.

I personally open them during PvPs. I find that the balance of inner fires/energy packs and the other goodies is decent. I didn’t open during KotH because of those barricades, but we don’t really have to worry about that anymore :rofl: :t_rex:


I used to open all bronze immediately, simce I’m lacking heal potion…
I tried to open 10 gold at least once every event…

I open bronze during pvp, gold during breeding. The egg token difference in bronze is pretty small but for gold it’s quite a difference. And at my level and in the forseeable future egg tokens are the one thing holding me back (and timers, but timers are pretty much the same in all events).

At lower level I used to open gold chests in Fort because I needed the elemental embers. I think that makes sense to do if you can’t max out one flak.

Well I Think i Saved about 1.3k bronze and 200 golds. I am at lvl 221 and Only spend on elite

Bronze I Will open in pvp when I read your comments. Gold not Sure yet

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