When does Crumble to Dust do damage?

I’ve been flying Hau and Frostbiter for a few weeks now and one thing I notice is on the first cast of crumble to dust there is a possibility that the crumble will cause damage and de-sand the whole island. This is problematic when I’m flying hau in time shift and crumble un-sands the blue mage and everything else… I have notice this ever since nightshade but could never figure out when exactly or even why crumble damages some times does damage. Idk I might just be stupid :sweat_smile::upside_down_face:

If you crumble right after sand lands, it’ll cause damage. You can see it at the beginning of the first long and at the mid long (1:15 ish). This is a super old vid so don’t judge :see_no_evil:

There’s also a weird unconfirmed but no other possible explanation regarding having a normal attack fire ball in the air or just disappeared before crumbling, but haven’t been able to reproduce it as consistently.

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It’s an old annoying glitch which have been reported several times(((


Crumble reduces the power of a building by half.

Two casts reduces the power to zero, which kills the buildings.

There are situations when it does non-fatal damage, but the function of the spell is somewhat different. It’s the only offensive spell I can think of that directly modifies a building value rather than either immobilizing the tower or causing damage. It does not kill a tower due to damage. It kills them by reducing power to 0 (on the second cast).

There are other uses, naturally, but that is how it damages (normally).

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