When is atlas rolling out to sap

Hey, I’m just wondering what day will atlas be released to all of sap teams :smirk: does anyone know the date that it will be set?

End of March… Adding Teams to Atlas

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Lol looking for the date ik it’s end of March but that could mean 26th till april 10th lol

It says “End of March,” or “beginning of April.”

I’m wondering the date. Tho it says could be lol the end of march beganing of April lol :joy: but I’m wondering the date i know they know when they will release it

You don’t want them to release a set date- it probably won’t end up being released then and the entire community will be vexed. So best they keep it to that range.

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Could be a April fools joke :joy:

Good idea! Atlas rollout is April fools surprise😂
Rollout date: December 30th 2999


Oh that would be funny…April Fools! Atlas won’t be rolling out after all. We’ve decided to shutter it and do what we should have done to begin with, WarDragons2 :smiling_imp:


Don’t give them any ideas :woman_facepalming:

Nah, WD2 doesn’t have the “pop”.

World of War Dragons does though :smiling_imp: