When is pg going to fix online/offline indicator?


Sorry if discussion about online/offline indicators is already in a thread. But this is driving me crazy. Please fix this pg


They can’t monetize this, so probably never.


I don’t know. I don’t have any problem with it.


I kind of like it the way it is never know if the persons online :joy: Drop those hammers


It used to work most of the time and then they fixed it so now it never works. We need to be careful which parts of the game we ask them to fix. It it can’t be monetized, it might not be fixed the way we’d like.


What about teammates? Not knowing at a glance who’s online for backups is really annoying…


I kind of like the Russian roulette feeling this gives


Well, that’s not a really accurate gauge either. You should be asking in team or war chat (what ever your team uses). I always tell folks to @me because I may show online but be unavailable (especially if I’m at work). I’m also notorious for falling asleep while the app is up.


I feel bad for stealing from players when they are online since they might need their stuff. :confused:


This pretty much sums up PG


I could see a way they could monetize it…

Introducing the new offline indicator! This indicator shows you as being offline so your enemies don’t know you are on! Surprise them by defending when they didn’t think you could! Get your week long subscription of “Nobody’s home” for only $4.99


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It would be nice if they can fix it, but I am fine without it too (even if I had surprised by defenders)


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I need to learn to read :woman_facepalming:


:joy: I’m curious what you posted now considering your comment :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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And then reduce the perk of that feature and say u can only see if a players are online limited to 5 checks daily to REDUCE stress on players having to check so much…

If no one knows wat i mean lol its about atlas elite troop regeneration lol and how pg said give me your money but take less of the goods


True, but it’s already what we do anyway, and it’s an additional indication that the people online are the right level to actually help you in a run, for xp or resources. Anyway, it’s not urgent nor necessary, just convenient.


I’m positive that this is on the list of things to fix!!!

Although that list is still going from 2015!! Know that they hear you and absolutely acknowledge your suggestion though…