When is pg going to fix online/offline indicator?


I must have missed that. Where was this said? Also, it has always been an even playing field.


According this this post , it’s not intentional. I’m sure you’ll direct me to your updated source of information once you read this.


Any idea when this will be fixed?


Maintenance is scheduled on this topic… around the time that hell freezes over which should be scheduled in like another few thousand years… :expressionless:


PG does not care if a team brings in a higher level player, to decimate the other team, so why would they care if a player stays online, when they really are not. I just wish they would fix it.


This was the response I got from support a while back on this issue.


Hmm. They could charge one megacoin to turn it on for a week…now its monetized. :see_no_evil:


Ugh well I agree I use it to see who is there to def and for back up . But come on it can’t be that complicated. They obviously know what it’s used for or it wouldn’t be there to begin with. I hate to say it but it makes me think it’s intentional which would lead to more money spent because attacking blind leads to more hammers used which are being given out like they are sigils :joy::rofl: event prize 2 hammers 15 shield 15 blades lol come on


@PGCrisis or @Arelyna may we please have an update on this issue? It’s really stressing me out.


They fixed it! :blush:


I am fine with hiding when I feel like flying solo :neutral_face:


@hellraptor I see you :heart::heart:

Hey well it never worked consistently anyway so :woman_shrugging: :joy:


It’s glitchy. I saw someone online, looked again and then read as being off, then back on again


I love it when it’s on ~ it means I can sufficiently attack that person, lol


Hooray!!! Thank you PG!


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