When is Team Glory Credited

When is Team Glory credited?

On Sunday, I tried to add some castle guards to a T3 castle only to find out that our team had zero glory. Since that time, my primary and two alts have a combined 170k of personal glory but the team still has zero so I still cannot add any castle guards. According to the 70% calculation, we should have 120k, not zero. And I know that other members of the team have also gotten personal glory, so the team’s number should be much higher.

With the change in rules about needing to maintain a minimum number of guards (this is not a problem for us right now), it hardly seems right that it should take this long for the team to get their share of my glory.


Did you get glory hitting prims or castle guards?

Prims only. I know that you don’t get team glory for hitting guards.

That was the only bit of info I thought needed adding. Hopefully some one more knowledge shows up soon. I haven’t ever checked carefully, but I would have guessed daily or instantly based on how I have seen it rise.

PG changed the way team glory is gained.

Due to teams doing glory exchange between castles, they made it so that team glory is gained through Primarch vs Primarch battles.

source: Update: Team Glory From Castle Guards

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The only problem is that all of my personal glory was in primarch vs primarch battles and that none of that has resulted in any team glory. Yes, all of those battles occurred at castles and not in NML. None of that glory was from attacks on castle guards.

Its usually added as you go. Sounds like a new bug. Can you record team glory before and after you do a few hits and raise a ticket?

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I submitted one ticket early this morning, which they have so far ignored.

I just submitted another ticket showing zero team glory along with evidence of personal team glory received in the last 12 hrs. But my experience with getting any help out of PG customer service can only be called poor, at best.

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This is really important to get resolved and quickly.

It appears that glory is being credited. But there is a conflict in the information in the latest PG announcement about changes to Atlas and one that was made in July '21. The maximum number of castle guards shown in the two announcements do not agree with each other and the latest announcement may reflect information that has been out of date for over 18 months.


Is it being credited very slowly or does it seem like you were getting no team glory and someone fixed something so that now it’s accruing? And a “fix” would include a glory credit for what you missed out on.

I am not sure that the problem existed. I was having problems adding guards to a castle and was using the info in PGAlgodon’s announcement last week about the changes that require a minimum number of guards. It appears that PGAlgodon used a table about castle guards that was superseded in July '21. So, it appears to be a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand has done at PG.



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