When is the cheating with hammers going to stop!


When is the game going to put a stop to those cheating with hammers. It is getting ridiculous that with two defenders dropping hammers every second and a base with only 20 M that an Emerald dragon can’t take out the base because they are spamming hammers.

I really wish PG would do something about this. I love doing war when it is a fair war, but when you have defenders cheating it makes a day of war hell. Please PG do something about this.

I have reported repeatedly when I see this but it seems the same teams and players just keep doing it and nothing gets done.


I feel your pain. I don’t encounter this often but when I do its horrible. Almost makes you wish Hammers would just be removed from the game completely.


Yes it really does because when they do it they are hurting everyone and it ruins the game experience.


And the winner is…the super Hammer!


Can you PM a picture of the base you are trying to take with emerald dragons?


Unless stats are all messed up like mine are but even on my attack screen stats are showing right it is on my profile they aren’t.


If they can do it, you can do it too. Hammers are for everyone :blush:

Unless there’s a real cheat with hammers, they may have excellent connection with the server or unknown internal strategy to drop hammers orderly… That’s something I can’t relate to :joy:

Edit : Who’s the Emerald Dragon?


Super hammers are real and have been in game for a long time. Too bad PG refuses to do anything about them.


This base certainly had zero beaming qualities, especially for it’s level and dragons its facing. No reason why this base shouldn’t be solo’d with emeralds even double defended. Hammers must be real


Axi was the Emerald dragon.


The worst part is all I got again was Thank you for reporting we take cheating seriously but can’t let you know what happens, although I have repeated checked back when I have reported actions like this and absolutely nothing has been done about it and they continue to cheat.


Hmmm Axi is my favourite even though he can sometimes struggle vs. hammer spam because he doesn’t have a native damage boost. If Mech consider that the base is not brilliant there may be a problem though…

However I’ll let other smarter people hammering their heads about it, I’m still probably a few months away from Emerald Tier :grin:


Axi at Emerald with runes and boost, with a rider and gear does not struggle to go through a 20M base even with defenders :joy::rofl:


Neither one at Sapphire, I assure you :joy:

I just wonder if I ever encountered such base before, unusually strong and felled my Dragons like they were not there :scream: I just blamed it on the late hour then, but who knows…


I wouldn’t have even posted this if I thought I was tired, but it is not just the one base it is several I have backed that they are dropping hammers every 1 second I sent screenshots to support on this. The bases were all fairly low bases or crappy bases easy to kill and they took out not just myself but some higher level players then myself. Something smells.


I think it’s literally impossible for an emerald Axi, even ungeared and unboosted, to lose against a 20mil base defended unless the hammers are super hammers. :joy:


I just have death stare equipped on dragon when they try it


Sometimes you hit a base and you can see the repair scroll… it’s way faster than I can drop hammers. Even if you halve it due to 2 defenders. Definitely something fishy going on there…


Well consensus is that there is something fishy going on but whether support does more then give me the standard line that I get anytime I send in a report, this team will continue cheating sadly. I really would like to see something done about this as it affects everyone playing when a team is cheating.


TBH, report all you want but nothing is going to happen.

PG only bans for stupidly obvious cheating like global #1 on the leaderboard, having dragons you can’t have and having towers you can’t have… Other than that don’t hold your breath.