When is the cheating with hammers going to stop!


Oh I am not holding my breath cause I know they don’t do anything about it, but I brought it up here because it is harming everyone having teams like this, and they continue to do it cause they know PG won’t do anything about it. I for one am getting really sick of blatant cheats getting away with what they do and PG not doing anything about it.


I await the day a real hacker appears instead of the script kiddies who then goes on a vigilante hacker rampage and script kid phones start melting in their hands


I can confirm it is happening, for me mostly in Atlas, my emerald now ibs divines couldn’t take 20m def base


People can cheat with Hammers? I just assumed I was super slow dropping them


Uhmmm yes and it has been going on for a very long time…


PG response to
Maximum hammer drop rate is “1 per 3seconds”

Honestly they should just re-code hammers…

Change it from Instant % heal to Heal over Time (same total heal % per 3 seconds) only 1 HoT can be active per defensive player.

Problem would be solved


But this team was dropping 1 every second and two of them were being dropped at a time at same exact time. That takes some cooridination


yup, honestly just start recording it and reporting…nothing will happen though. At least thats the consensus that I’ve read here and from reporting people myself as well


I attacked a sapphire team once and saw ultra hammers. Single guy dropping more that 1 per second


That’s when you sand the whole damn base & leave the clean up duties to your follower or just crumble the hell out of it!
No since trying to out shoot, super hammers :joy:


I was the follower that they killed. I shouldn’t have an Emerald dragon dropping dead on a 20M base… I really wish PG would do something about the hammer problem


Man, I have had this before… Relatively low level defense base with two defenders, can’t even make a dent in the towers because they heal faster than I can deal damage with any dragon. It’s pretty damned frustrating.


See, that might be the true reason to get Surt. Insta-kills are the only real counter to super-hammers.


I saw 1 defender able to heal an whole island to full health, towers where allready 80% dead😑 so yeah, cheating exists with the super hammers.


IE: working as intended, most players think their dragons just aren’t strong enough, spend more for “stronger” dragons :stuck_out_tongue:


Scratching head at this comment, Axi at Emerald I worked hard for and nothing to sneeze at. Great dragon unless someone spamming super hammers on crappy 20 m base, has nothing to do with spending more. a cheat is a cheat is a cheat. If it smells like a skunk…


it was sarcasm… meaning pg doesnt shut it down because people want to beat each other so you have 3 options.

  1. get better <-- troll comment
  2. spend more <-- pg hopes
  3. cheat <-- pg wont stop them


Sorry, long day and tired😜


Sounds like a job for OP Kelvin to handle :rofl:


Not gonna lie I have this problem with a lot of bases… I come across a 10 mil base with a full legendary gear and rune/glyph set on a garnet dragon I just get my teammate with the harbinger/vanguards to back up and demolish… have said so many things about it and no real actions against it so just go with the flow :man_shrugging::man_shrugging: