When is the cheating with hammers going to stop!


A lot of players record there fly against super cheat hammers and send to support, nothing happens. No the ammount of cheaters raise every day😑


I doubt it, but maybe if enough of keep saying something maybe we can get someone’s attention to look at the thread and maybe … oh wait said I wasn’t going to hold my breath :crazy_face:


There are known teams who prevent the defender join battles, lag you out with cheating. I could post name of a Team, but thats against the rules🤨


Just encountered against japanese saph team player who used super hammer smh. 645m base hp with 53-55 tower level but heal like crazy with fucking hammer.


When u are sure about your flying skills, but then find your master in level 45 towers that kill your vanguard, u start to get mad😂


We have been there so many times during wars. I agree! Something needs to be done!


Where would one get these super and ultra hammers??? I want some…


And you really think someone is going to tell you how to cheat? :joy:


I love this idea, though spells would need to be rerescaled.


Wonder what the cheats would do it there weren’t any hammers? Would be interesting to see them defend then. But I love the idea @MurderBNumbers of changing the heal % or to Heal over time. Or limiting the amount of hammers.


20M is not a biggie, especially when it’s a 5-island one. And I managed to fail with a 105M AP garnet Prospero. It was like some kind of divine pillar of light. The kill island that stopped me had a lv 41 dark flak, everything else (storm, blue mage, i can’t recall the other 2) were all below 37.

I had to abort mission and walk out the stress.


@illBeSonic Nice you have a team mate with Harb or Vanguard but not everyone has that luxury. And here be the problem everyone going with the flow and accepting that PG won’t do anything about it.


I can’t blame anyone for this sentiment because I have seen C2D healed through…


It really is quite unusual. My zotz struggles more with hammers yet he can destroy bases with more than 20mil DP at just Platinum tier(counting all the boosts, rider boosts and gear, Runes, etc). Super hammers are definitely making a comeback. The hammers gotta play the players. Too bad it hasn’t been dealt with yet.

Off topic: what’s the name of the base, I want to try taking it down.


Cant post names on here as it is against the rules of the forum.


I like the idea, but at the same time, I don’t think it would solve the cheating problem. It would merely force the cheaters to find a new cheat. I imagine these heal over time hammers with insanely accelerated healing suddenly appearing.


so…because cheaters will always find some way to cheat at something don’t bother?


I’m just saying that it’s not a solution to cheating lmao.


Anything can be hacked… real solution would be at minimum banning these people. Even if they don’t have the cheat detection capabilities they should be able to monitor a little bit of game play when another player reports them with hard evidence.

“so and so using super hammers, here’s a video clip”
“watches the vid and it seems fishy, pulls their own game data/monitors said person (watch a few of their battles”
yep cheater, ban, see ya, wouldnt wanna be ya


Sadly we have those that go there will always be cheaters and they will find a way so why bother, but that is kind of like saying we will always have crime so why punish those doing the crime, why put burglar alarms in or have video cameras to catch them cause they will find a way around it.

Yes I am sure there will always be someone hacking trying to find an easy way to cheat the system, but it doesn’t mean something shouldn’t be done about it to deter the cheating.