When is the cheating with hammers going to stop!


That’s not what I’m saying lmao so don’t put words in my mouth. I said it was a good idea, just that it wouldn’t stop cheating. If you want to stop hammer cheating, then suggest better ways to detect and punish cheating, not that PG will give a damn. Changing how hammers function won’t fix cheating with hammers, it’ll just make the defense meta more tolerable.


they just need to hard code a hammer cool down into the defense mechanics and not just a flimsy player cd.

there are many games that have a coded maximum skill use rate which is done to prevent/reduce the impact of macros. similar would work here


Wish I aborted and walked out. Super hammers have cost me 2 screen replacements on my 8+. Guess I need to work on my dragon rage issues. :man_shrugging:t2:


We’ve come across this soooooo many times but hey pg is more worried about enforcing forum rules than stopping stuff like this


@Wolf my comment was not directed at you. It was just a statement about some don’t feel PG will do anything so why bother.


I’ve run into this a few times. Single defender dropping hammers every 2 seconds or less. Never knew what the actual drop rate was and always thought it was fishy.


From my understanding actual drop rate is around one every 5 seconds, although I have heard people say because of lag on servers it could be less, but one every 1 - 2 seconds is uhmmmmm


NEVER!!! Mwahahaha


So can a hammer heal 21m HP at a time? That implies a tower with 47m HP. To put in context, base HP for a level 75 farm is 25m. Now what if I told you this was a level 69 storm?

This doesn’t even account for the speed hammers we’re dropping at. And I have video to prove all this.

This is a war today. One that we’ll win, but still. Cheats are taking the fun out of this game.

@Arelyna @PGCrisis I have PMed you both.


Off topic from the OP but dustlar has always been a bunch of cheats. Had war with them way back when emeralds were best dragons and they did the glitch where the second attacker can use 3 dragons to get 5 flames on all our bigger bases. Still won cause they’re that bad, but sent video proof to PG of the one guy backing everyone and doing the glitch and nothing happened of course. Goodluck


Never said who it was :eyes:


Please remove the name of team, as it is against forum rules to name someone or team.


I am getting real tired of the cheating and the reporting and nothing being done. It makes war miserable. It is worse to watch a team you know is cheating move up in rank and you get shoved down cause they cheated to win those wars. I wish PG would get more serious about fixing the cheating problems.

I love a good war when there is no cheating and the teams both pulled together to do their best. I love good sportsmanship when I or the other team can congratulate the team for such a good war, but I absolutely hate participating in a war that the other team is cheating and my whole team has to endure the humiliation of cheaters when it is blatant cheating. And they know that nothing will be done.



Storm 69 = 14.7M HP
Possible Gear HP add = 110%
Perch HP added = 15%
Base boosts = 30%
Total HP = 37.5M

45% heal standard
Does anyone know if shield consumables also add to the amount healed? If so that’s another 30% of 45% healed for a heal % of 58.5%

Which is a total of 21.9M healed.

So technically I think it’s possible if the mechanics work like this?


That’s a stretch… :man_shrugging:

I’ll PM you the video. You tell me if this passes the sniff test.


Well. Stretch or not I’m sure some people can see the same with my base. I can go in game with my stats and the drop a shield and hammers so you can record and see what my stats end up being? I have similarly high gear


Sure OTW


So apparently based on my test with Mech that heal amount is possible :man_shrugging:


Also confirmed that Shields DO increase heal amounts from 45% to 58.5% since you are healing that shield


Que? That 21m heal was on the storm. No shield on it?

Edit: oh the consumable. Ignore me.