When is the cheating with hammers going to stop!


19.5/33.4 on my L65 flak is a 58.5% heal
As we just showed :slightly_smiling_face:


The 33.4 doesn’t include 30% boost right?


Correct it doesn’t include the in defense consumable


No I mean the one on your monument.


Oh. I dunno, I’ve never had my base unboosted for like 2 years 🤷

I’ll go move it and check


:joy: Pretty sure it doesn’t just like dragons don’t show the equipped consumable.


You are correct about this I moved it to an unboosted island and it was 16.4M. boosted the monument and it stayed at 16.4M


Cool does this mean the extra heal from hammer is due to the monument boost vs the in defence shield?


Yep. But in the screenshot of my dark flak the shield was already down so it’s not confirmed in that scenario


Thanks for sharing your info with us @mechengg and @Grumpybigbird


They may have a process like this:
First defender does shield
Second defender does knife.
Then Hammer like Thor.


Organized defence is hard to break indeed…


That was not process that they were using when I saw flat out cheating with hammers. Two were dropping hammers 1 second apart each of them.


Just had one failed att because of super mega hammers, ticket sent


I believe the hammer cooldown time applies to the player dropping the hammer, not the towers. Therefore if you have three defenders dropping hammers one second apart, there would be no cooldown.


My point still stands that someone cannot drop a hammer every 1 second. It has been stated previously it is 3 seconds so it is still cheating. Even if three people were dropping hammers every one second and there is no cooldown one person cannot drop a hammer every second.


If you have 3 defenders each throwing a hammer every 3 seconds then it would look like there was no cooldown.


Not if it’s the same name that appears every second.


So, we had a team cheat their pants off against us in a war a little while ago, using the hammer glitch (still won, stupid cheaters)

I sent PG a video recording of a battle showing indisputable evidence of hammer-spam cheating (including time stamps on hammers, and TONS of hammers/swords/shields being dropped almost at the same time) showing very clearly the time stamps of when hammers were dropped, much more than one per 3 seconds.

Trust me, when I say indisputable I mean INDISPUTABLE. It is CLEAR as DAY that these fools were cheating.

Best part: nothing has happened to the team or the player who was cheating (cheating player still has an active account). I know PG will say confidentiality can’t disclose outcomes etc. But I know who it was and I can look them up myself. Still an active account, no bans or etc for cheating.

If they don’t take action after indisputable, CLEAR video recorded evidence showing players cheating, I don’t know what else can be done.


PG does not ban for battle hacks unless it’s like the monsters kelvin. Other than that don’t hold your breath.