When is the cheating with hammers going to stop!


Had the same thing happen. Sent in a ticket and the person is still there. What’s the point anymore in this game? Everything is broken, except the store, the prizes are more expensive, the dragons can’t be relied on due to nerfing all over the place, as well as towers, pvp has become who can spend, not strategy as it used to be, cheaters are welcome and the list goes on and on. It’s so frustrating.



One defender spamming hamers , taking dragons 10x att power than base def, it’s not a cheat it is a blessing

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I have encountered this before, complete bullshit.



So, we have ANOTHER team doing hammer spam cheating in war. I would really, really like to know whether this is considered by PG to be cheating or not.

If PG does not consider it cheating, and does not ban people for it, I guess I should go post a “how to” on the front page of the forums so that we can educate the entire player base on how to best utilize acceptable tactics.



Do it



Knock on wood…haven’t experienced this yet. Is the speed faster than if you zoom in on the area while defending? Because that does appear to speed up how many hammers you can drop while the attacker is in the area.



You will know what we are talking about once you experience it
It’s crazy, still dont know why they dont give it to all teams (considering they are doing nothing to stop it)



They may as well give nuclear warheads to every family as well. You know, since a small fraction of the population has them



From the times I’ve encountered it, it just seems to be hammer-dropping far faster than the game allows. Last time I ran up against someone doing it, the single defender repeatedly healed more than 90% of the towers’ max health in the time it took me to double-tap a button. They went from a sliver of remaining health to fully healed in less than a second.



Wtf this is borderline genius. Maybe each time a hammer is dropped it just extends the timer by 3 seconds? Ilysm



The only time I faced it was a sapphire team. And yes, single defender was like triple defended or more in terms of hammers



Then they could bust out a new set of Heal Over Time runes for your base!
It’d be just like runeing up ol’ Khrysos!
Legendary Tough Healing: Towers do 15% increased damage while healing.
Legendary Healing Frenzy: Tower attack speed boosted by 10% while healing.
Mythic Building Regeneration: Increase regenerate amount 30% over duration.
These would clearly be a priority acquisition and would take everyone’s mind off of the utterly ridiculous cost of getting say…a mythic rage or ammo! :smirk:



I forgot to add sarcasm alert​:slight_smile::slight_smile:



I kind of wish more teams WOULD do it, then perhaps PG would be forced to actually address it.

As of right now, it appears that even multiple videos of a whole team of cheaters dropping crazy amounts of hammers with obviously impossible timestamps, submitted via ticket, is not sufficient.



I agree it has gotten to where I felt it was a waste of my time cause the teams are still doing it and the people are still playing and nothing has been done whatsoever, with screenshots, video or anything else. Reporting seems fruitless.



I can clear 20m bases with Gold Gunnar lol so someone with an Emerald Divine shouldn’t have issue clearing 20m def let alone 30m.

PG needs to close up holes in thier security. Instead of offense they should focus on defence (Code/Infestructure).
Obviously every app/game/program has security flaws but closing some of those flaws makes it much harder for hackers/script kitties to exploit the game.

For instance the most sophisticated Spyware program for iOS created by the Isreali government called Pegasus was used to spy on phones and it gives them full access to everything on the phone, all data and even mic & camera even when turned off. It exploited holes in Apples iPhones operating system. At the start of countering the spyware program in 2016 Apple released an update which encrypted most content/metadata end to end and close holes in security within iOS’s OS.
After doing this Apple is safe.
Can the company come out with another and find a new hole? YES but apple can just patch again.

Same goes for the game. Defense is far more effective than offense when it comes to security and overall stability.
I would rather they focus on fixing the issues like holes, bugs and unintended consequences of them than hunting down the cheaters and waisting time.
If hackware X is exploiting the game by pathway A then simply close pathway A forcing them to find a new entry point or exploit or new hackware.
By all means remove all achievements gained by the caught hackers but at least PG should be working towards prevention.


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