When joining a team mate in atlas for invader base shouldn't we get some of the gold?


If we attack another player we get wood, food, or gold.
Why don’t we share in gold for mines?
Or at the very least make higher level monsters have mage towers but give out twice the regular amount of gold.


Higher level beasts do have a multiplier on them, up to 29% more actually.


let me quote myself on this:

Also, I think gold can’t act the same way as lumber or food, since it’s not a naturally regenerating resource, as mechengg said that in your other thread.


HAHAHA, usually when you join a team mate on an invader base its for an XP run he gets xp multiplier and you run around with a powerful dragon not even trying but destroying the base. If I am going for gold I dont click the invite as I dont want to waste my teammates time. they are so long and boring.

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then why on earth did you bring this up in the first place? Boredom?


Communicate with your teammates a bit better?
Pay for Elite once in a while if you want to binge out on gold?
Have a castle and use it to buffer gold with a high tax rate?

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I just brought this up as it would be nice to get gold when joining team mates. possible you get more gold because you got joined like attacking people.

I have a great team we do communicate well. I just dont like to be a burden, so was seeing if other people felt similar to me, and if that was the case it might get changed down the road.

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If you were on my team and didn’t invite I would get cranky… I get a LOT of spare loot (timers, chests, etc…) by “following” team mates. I actually prefer it if you don’t need me.


I could see a small resource buff (5%ish).

The only kicker is if one person has elite and you follow them, would you get 5% of their elite plus multiplier or your own? This could be rather exploitable if it was including elite payout on your account too

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Pretty much what I was thinking. In my old clan, I’d have every non elite player trying to join my 30 - 50 raids every time and fighting over who got the bonus gold.

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TBH gold isn’t a scarce resource so I see no problems making it more accessible with an amount for the follower :man_shrugging:


Is this one of those situations where you are the one guy who backs almost all of your teammates?

Do you see this as more of a needed compensation for your time and effort or just would like “more” gold?

I ask this because in a closed system which is believed to be balanced, anything netting more gold would be required to subtract the difference somewhere to stay balanced. Likely this either means taking a chunk of what your teammate would have gotten or it doesn’t impact what your teammate gets but gold from mines goes down to compensate. If either of those are done, do you still think it’s worth doing?

Also if you think you should be entitled to a chunk of the person you are backing you can still just have them send it in exchange for runs. (And they will either find someone who won’t charge, run solo, or pay)

If you are doing a disproportionate amount of backup your real fix might be balancing off the team better.


Except if PG sees this as true they likely will try to balance/adjust it down with any change to gold.

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Hey I remember that😂 still would like to see bonus gold but there are much better things to fix👍


He means make the base more difficult and give out better prize that worth the “high level beast” instead of just the numbers


No I’m not saying I do more backup then everyone else on the team.
I find myself losing interest with all the Value packs being different for everyone.
I used to spend $200 a season plus elite. NOT ANY MORE. Unless I saw a 90% one. all I get is 65%
My time is becoming more valuable with a new baby.
I want to make sure I am helping my team by helping people do runs without sacrificing the extra time I am now finding a little more scarce.
But I saw this as a way I can help team mates with xp runs while doing my gold mining at same time so I can build troops.
Right now with a shortage of time when I log in Im doing daily tasks and using my gold runs as my own xp runs.

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