When new land resets, what happens to building under construction?

I understand that at the end of the atlas season ownership of new land castles will be reset (or will the castles disappear completely from map?), suppose a team has started a construction into a new land castle but that is not completed yet, will the upgrade be lost? Or will the castle in storage preserve the construction status?

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It depends on how much you’re paying your builders.


We give them payed holidays but if we are going to lose their production I would appreciate an advance warning …

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You will lose it definitely, so you’re better to make sure everything is finished upgrading before end of season, and make sure to take ss’ of all your infrastructures, gold in your bank and anything else that could be effected by the new lands, prim levels troops on prims and in barracks etc, any of these could be fd up so better to try and safe guard yourself