When PG will stop the cheating?

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It is obvious…they practice a lot and are better than you.


No, no - if you lost, someone must be cheating.

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I’d consider this an issue with the dragon, not the teams.

This isn’t even an issue with the dragon, hitting up 1/2 a tier isn’t special to Barbend. What is special is someone being shocked that their base died.
There’s good flyers out there, and there’s good bases, but the best flyers will always beat the best bases. That’s just part of life


Greetings, Detective Lord. I understand you are here to report a butter crime, and I would like to commend you for doing so. Personally, my best time for a 3D maxed base of 150s is around 70s. If it is taking you that long to slice through a stick of butter with a hot knife, you are right to suspect foul play. I don’t mean to alarm you, but have you considered the possibility that someone may have tampered with your butter, replacing it with a yellow wooden block or perhaps one of your own fingers? This could explain many things, such as a previous investigation I worked on, the Case of the Flopping Butterfingers.

Butter crime is a threat to the integrity of this game. While the most notorious butter bandits have long resided on the infamous BetWeAreButter, I thank you for highlighting the three little-known teams in your post as potential criminals as well. I think we would all be curious to see any evidence, if you have it! The last time I saw butter fly, it used to be a caterpillar.


What :joy: I’m definitely not the best flier and even I can still manage double/triple def 150‘‘s with barbend
Most of the time :eyes::joy:
Just think back to xul idk which tower levels we had when he was released but I think I saw him last smashing my base with 140‘s (?)… THAT was impressive as hell


Tbh I believe they gave Barb extended life when they added a rider with 39% attack more than anything. The top fliers make less mistakes but good ones will mess up and he can be shot down fairly regularly. My friends on dread side say the same thing about some of the top fliers that are anti dread.

This is a call out thread and against the rules of this forum.
If you have any evidence of cheating please take this up in the right channel, which is support.

As for flying barbend, good fliers can still reliably use him against multiple defenders even against 150s.