When should we open chests?

Chests have different items in them based on the current event. For example, chests currently drop the event item to fortify our walls, and siege buffs. I’ve currently been opening chests as soon as I can open 10, but I don’t think this is the best long term strategy. When do you think it’s best to open chests?

While this is more specific to gold chests, I’d like to hear some opinions on other chests as well.


Unless I desperately want a specific item, I open all chests during breed event


It really depends on what you want. I tend to leave a stock of bronze chests as a “panic fund,” most often for more egg tokens but sometimes if I need more PvP items (Inner Fire/Energy) or a small bump in sigils for the next prize.

For gold chests, this can vary even more. I think that Legendary Siege can only be found in gold chests, so you’re a bit stuck using them for those. Otherwise, they can be a nice source of sigils as well, which I’ll open during the breeding event, because you can never be short egg tokens for later on, haha.


^^This is what i do as well. Breeding tokens are the big bottleneck so anything i can do to help my token amount i will do even if it means small sacrifices on other aspects of the game (sigils for season for my prime example)


I am generally a hoarder for chests. I try and save all my chests till the very end of the season to gauge how many sigils I need to finish a line. Then I’ll open half of all bronze and gold chests during the last breeding/PVP event and the second half during the first PVP/breeding event of the following season to get a jump start. As the others mentioned egg tokens become huge later on so I take those sigils and try and get double sigils as quickly as possible.

I also save most of my chests. For breeding, whether gold or bronze. As opposed to waiting till end if breeding is at beginning of season and good 1/2 price dragon available , likeminded Necryx, I will open early. Other events I not open if there is specific need. Main bottleneck is eggs, second is timers. Also if need that sigil dragon I will use at end.

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I actually take a different approach. Yes Eggs are key in this game and therefore during breeding is good when you look at egg per gold chest. BUT I gave up on that idea. I only open them during Conquer The World.

I find that event gives minimal useless items (like fire and ice shards) and gives decent Energy and IF drops while still rewarding Eggs and Timers, albeit not as many eggs as during breeding particularly because you don’t get mystic frags. But doing well in PVP events i find offsets getting less eggs directly from the chests themselves.

Consider this; if you are desperate for Eggs, speeding egg missions when you have the token boost is the most efficient way of getting more eggs. From 27K gems (1 large pack) you are lucky to get 20K eggs, typically you get between 60-75% back in eggs vs gems used when opening gold chests. Sure you get other stuff too but most of that is useless compared to the value of egg tokens. Whereas speeding egg missions (the first 2) you will get 240 eggs for 120 gems (200% back).

Therefore opening chests during an energy and IF event will allow you to get a few extra tiers, and using the extra gems from those tiers to speed egg missions will likely payout more in terms of eggs received than if you opened them during a breeding event. Plus who doesn’t need Energy and IF?

Using this technique is often how lower level people (still in their 200’s, some low 200’s) are able to still have top tier dragons like Noc. They Speed egg missions with their gems, :slight_smile:


so in order to get tokens just speed 1 hour and 4 hour mission up? does it matter at what time u speed them up?

No doesn’t matter. I generally will just do them back to back when i need to get tokens. It is time consuming though, but if you want to grind a lot of missions you can get a lot of egg tokens that way. One of the few areas of this game that still pays for grinding.

I speed as many as i can. But i still use most of my gems on gold chests during IF and Energy PVP event. I wish i was dedicated enough to use ALL my gems on egg tokens but well… i can’t grind for that long!

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@mechengg did a calculation. It’s in the strategy section somewhere. But the rule of thumb is 1hr speed whenever, 4hr speed if remaining time is 2hr or less and the final one speed when 4hr or less remaining for most efficient use of rubies.


I have tracked the contents of Gold and bronze Chests from time to time.

Gold are opened mostly during PVP Events (with the same idea MikesGoN2GetU mentioned):

Sometimes there is just NO CHANCE of getting legendary Eggtokens (or i was just super unlucky), so you should always think about when to open the chests.

And Bronze Chests at the beginning of the last 2 seasons.

Fall 17:

Summer 17:

Interesting fact: at the end of Summer 17, you could get 1 min and 3 min out of bronze Chests (which was changed 2 weeks later and some weeks earlier).

The calculation on when to speed up egg missions can be found in Red’s shared War Dragon’s folder


Easy rule of thumb is 30/60/90120. Speedup the first one whenever you want, second when 60 rubies or fewer, third when 90 rubies or fewer.

Edit: Ah, it is 4x the first, had it stuck that it was 3x.


It’s actually 30/60/120 :wink:


what is 30/60/120?

Any word on a special chest release for the last week of season? EDIT* …nvm i asked too soon.

Those are the 3 zeppelin mission ruby speedup costs in which it is cost effective (token/ruby) to speed up the 4hr and 20hr missions instead of just speeding up the 1hr ones

I always find the first two to be worth it… no wait time. Assuming you have the double tokens. waiting makes it take way too long IMO.

What Ratio are you looking for to make it worth while?

The first one sped up immediately has a token/ruby ratio of 2.67
The second one sped up immediately has a token/ruby ratio of 1.74
The third one sped up immediately has a token/ruby ratio of 0.70

Figure out how much your time is worth vs how much rubies are worth for you and reach some type of happy medium. :+1:

The first is the “base value” most worthwhile. The second is worth 2x the first, and the third is worth 4x the first. Multiply the ruby costs of immediate speedup of the first (30) according to token value, which gets you 60 for the second and 120 for the third.

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