When should we open chests?


hmmm ok. ill stick to my speed the first 2 for an average of 2:1 plan :slight_smile:


Yup for the time savings it sounds like a decent plan.

I’m just a frugal miser :man_shrugging:


More laziness than time management. I get bored doing egg missions over and over. I’d rather spend my extra time annoying Panda and Jared on Forums lol


On the record now xD


NEVER, chests are for hoarding and being saved. Much like gems. Don’t be ridiculous.


I open all my bronze chests each event usually until I’ve about finished for the event. Then I save them for the next event.
So in forti for example, I’ll open my bronzes til im at the prize level I wanna finish at. Then save them til next event. I might not open some or many in some events.
I usually end up with about 100+ bronze for the start of each event if I choose to open then.
Goldies I typically save til nearer the end of the season or in emergency when I might need some. 50-100 goldies is a good number at my level (90 now) I saved 80 til the start of this season and got a big boost on sigils and other goodies.
I only spend rubies on sigil chests or occasionally golds.
Works for me :+1:


You guys know you dont get more egg token ehile opening chest during incubation right? You will juste get more food pack which is useless…!

The best moment to open gold chest is during pvp event since you get inner fire/ energy pack require to do good in pvp event and earn more rewards! Food/wood pack are near to useless!


Absolutely you do. You get mystic fragments in gold chests, and bronze chests drop 300 egg tokens unlike most other events.

So :man_shrugging:


I get 1k token bronze chests during pvp. Haven’t tried opening during breeding tho.


You always can get 300 token in bronze chest… And you always get fragment from gold chest no matter the event…!

There is always the same basic item every event (timer/token/ice/fire/EE/Mystic/sigils)
+2 that change depending on the event:

-food pack-potion
-wood pack— black pearl
Some event pike king.of hill is wors event to open since you got energi-siege wepon-barricade

Everything else depend strickly on luck/badluck


During event you need items the most in.


There is not always the same basic items in every event. That is where you are incorrect. Take a look at the ticker at the top of the armory screen when you get a chance for the events. Right now as we speak, legendary drops of mystic fragments are not available during the fortification event so your theory automatically gets thrown out the window :wink:

I’m going to start tracking which events give what drops and see if we can come up with something that is actually correct :slight_smile:


Also, just to add to MechEngg’s point

During the just finished fort event, there were no +3000 egg drops either.

That is a HUGE difference.

Or put otherwise, Spend $1500 dollars (or gold chests) in fort = get 150k egg tokens
Spend $1500 dollars (or gold chests) in breed = get 320k egg tokens

And then there is fragments…


Which would be the best event for speedup timers drop in chests?


I am not sure, I do not have enough data for pvp events to compare their drops vs breed and fort.

Fort gives more timers than breed, but at a cost of mythic fragments and egg tokens.

The general consensus is the latter (eggs and frags) are much much more valuable in the long run than timers, until you reach end game, then timers become more valuable again.


But if you open all your chests during breeding events, how do you get energy and inner fire??


Hence my approach…


I dont. But thats good as well :slight_smile:

Truthfully I get enough from lines to allow me to do 1 pvp event a month, if I desperately feel like grinding, id rather grind egg tokens than pvp scores.


Most of my drops this event:

Edit: adding some more

Gold Chest Droprates

I’m jelly of those IF