When should we open chests?


Thanks for posting, I’ve started a spreadsheet on drops and what we can find each week being all inclusive. I’ll post a link once my computer wants to find this stupid site again. It’s always showing up as a blank page for me :dizzy_face:

Decision Making

My Team and I did the same and opened more than 1k Goldchests, all tracked (and separated into eventweeks).

If more statistics are wanted, i can try to analyze the data even more

Gold Chest Droprates

What are the y axes in these charts? Quantity of drops?


Looks that way. Nothing else makes sense


yes, quantity of drops…
Fortification Event:
epic legendary total Goldchests
397 189 586

Tug of War Event
epic legendary total Goldchests
178 92 270

+some that i havnt put in the charts yet, but will be added asap


My table is not going into drop rates, rather a what is even available during those times lol. So not as much info as you have for sure.


@Deyco have you done that gold chest analysis on other events such as breeding?

Really interesting and thank you for sharing.

Perhaps a representation as likelihood % would be a welcome addition - given that you have different total chests opened in each event.


I only did it for the last 2 Events, but if ill get enough input from my team (or the community) i will continue this for every event this season.

Once i got at least 3-4 different events, i will create a table with all the % per item / per event


sounds great. really looking forward to it


Nice thx for that! Would be nice to know how this looks during feeding? Would you recommend to open some during feeding? Thx again :slight_smile:


Feeding is a trap event! Never even attempt to open chests during feeding :dizzy_face:


Just wondering why? Too many Xp potions or food packs?


Yes, both of those.


don’t forget xp boosts! they are such a waste of gold chests


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