When should we open gold chests for sigils?


as I mentioned in the title
when gold chests give more sigils ?


But all event are very close


Gold chests shouldn’t be for sigils, they should be for supplies to get sigils in events.


During the first 2 events of the season, if you want the mythic.
Otherwise, what Lutrus said.


yes i will take mythic next season so every extra sigil will be important :slight_smile: thank you


Then open during PvP since half of a season is pvp and you can only get those supplies during pvp events (except for the token boost line). The sigil rates are slightly lower but will get you more in the long run


Open them during Fort, for Black Pearls :wink:


Won’t the first 2 events be Breeding and PvP?
Or Feeding…


For elemental embers*

  • for dragon attack boosts


You shut your green face!

Jk, don’t kick me



While it sounds ridiculous for higher levels, lower level ones do need it a lot (There is a time where I forged Dragon boost in addition to potions)


Pvp or pvp🤷‍♂️ The better you do in events the more prizes you and your team get. Remember it’s not just about you, this is a team game


It’s about balance between gold chests and rubies imo:

First 2 weeks you deplete your gold chests and use rubies until you get the discount dragon (more sigils inside gold boxes)

After comes gold chests hoarding to use whenever you need to get that extra sigils you need on an event (and hoarding rubies too ofc).

In the end you use rubies again to complete what you couldn’t with super sigil chests


Unless you need embers or pearls… best to open during pvp… because you get energy packs and inner fires which will help you do better doing PVP events and ultimately get you more sigils


I see this mentioned a lot but pearls in pvp are pretty much the same as in fort.

Only reasons to open in fort are if you need timers or embers.


Who doesnt need embers or pearls


The average drops per gold chest are indeed as follows:

Drops Fortification Feeding Breeding PvP
sigils 19.7 20.7 19.3 19.7
egg tokens 78 167 257 169
mystic fragments 0.15 0.20 0.36
equivalent egg tokens 26 35 64
total equivalent egg tokens 78 193 292 233
speedups (days) 0.96 0.81 0.86 0.83
elemental embers 104 24
ice shards 34.2 10.8
fire shards 34.2 10.8
black pearls 10.8 6.5 7.3 9.6
+30% dragon attack 1.01 1.52
+30% dragon HP 1.01 1.52
+30% tower attack 1.09 1.45
+30% tower HP 1.09 1.45
lumber packs ×1000 11.5
food packs ×1000 15.0 11.3
XP potions ×1000 29.0 16.5
+100% XP boost 0.35 0.39
heal potions 1.01 0.66 0.77 0.81
inner fires 1.51
energy packs 1.00

P.S. The number of food packs, lumber packs and XP potions per chest actually scale with your level. You may therefore get different values for those items.


For heal pots…?


Hmm events are close of sigils.i think I should open half of the chests at fortification event and the other half at breeding event.