When sigil chest start tmrw do they stay open till the the last day/event of the season? or do they only last for fort event?

If someone could let me know id appreciates it. I forgot to save a bonus for gold chest cuz sigil chest this season snuck up on me so that’s one bonus that is forgotten lol. but yeah just wondering if they stretch all the way to the end of the season. Thanks.

P.S. if anyone has opinions on when its best to open sigil chest Lmk. I’ve heard a lot of varied ideas when it comes to this.

o.o Sigil chests are available during the last two weekends events of the season as long as the event popup (and/or tower, if applicable) is available.

Edit: Corrected weekends, was thinking of the first version, I think… :speak_no_evil:

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Don’t the super sigil chests replace silver chests, not gold ones?


Yeah, they replace silver chests

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Last season they made the sigil chests all week long. Pretty sure they did that so we couldnt load up a free one between them by not giving us access to our silver chests for the rest of the season.


Really? I recall the sigil chests as only available on the weekends. :eyes:

IIRC, during Summer, and Fall… Starts from Wintertide, it’s full week

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Winter was the first time they did the whole week. I remember because I was 200 short of my goal and couldnt load up another bonus during the final week so I had to open 10 of them to finish

Totally off topic question, how do you guys cross out what you said like that? I need to up my sarcasm :nerd_face:

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bet I mess it up

Good to know

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I use ~~ on both sides for maximum lazy.


How do you do the black magic that kept that from getting striked through? :thinking:

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preformatted text prevents formatting markup from showing ~~**

You can also escape the ~ by typing ‘\~’.

I prefer using html format. Works better for strike

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@Snowbrent yeah your right. my brains is still whacked from finals for classes. hahaa im still about 30-50 hrs behind on catching up for sleep. your right lol. norm their is a gap inbetween the 2 tho so that you can leave the bonus and let it swap over for a free bonus. this time it switched from rune straight to sigil so that threw me off.

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