When the anti-bullying police becomthe bullies

So there is a team that are supposedly the anti-bullying police in the game. However, they appear to be the biggest bullies. They threatened to wipe the floor with our team if we don’t stop attacking other players for wood during a fortification event

**Removed team name


How do they know?

They sound scary!


Paahhh nvm.


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Someone cried because they had over 200k wood so I hit them twice. Got 215k first attack and 123k second attack

They bragged, so it must be their fault.
Therefore, they should have tried to take those with their own power.

Being hit twice isn’t farming. Being hit twice generally means you’re a fucking moron.


Anti Bully Police ? :fearful::scream:


Luckily there isn’t a skill level needed to be considered bullies because I don’t think they’d meet that. Also, this is a game built around attacking so you complaining about being attacked after you attacked them…what? :sweat_smile:


Ummm have a thumb war to settle it? No snake in the grass tho, that’s foul play.


Who anti-bullies the anti-bullies?

The answer, of course, is the war mercenaries. Simply recruit 10-20 level 400 players to defend the 300k wood you stole, and you should be fine. I have it on excellent authority that this is a controversial tactic, though!

As an alternative, you might find it easier to just avoid attacking that one guy for a while.


It’s a war game, but nobody likes being bookmarked for their resources during a resource event. Bookmark and repeat-hit at your own risk! You have the right to hit them over and over, just as they have the right to return the favor. My 2 cents


All is fair in love and war


This is not forum content… If you don’t want to get farmed talk with your officers or leader to propose a ceasefire with him or his officers/ leader. And hope both are competent


It’s rude to hit someone again after the first successful raid, unless it’s a farm base. Next time move on and there won’t be so much ill will. :rose:

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First of all… I saw the entire conversation, and you are a twit, and a liar.
2nd of all, it is NOT the [removed team name]… we are a handful of ppl that do NOT ‘police’ but instead try to help ppl in bad situations… we are trying to keep good players in the game so we stop losing them for stupid reasons.
You LIED to the mediator trying to help you, and instead of listening to him when he told you that he was NOT telling you that you couldn’t go get wood, YOU were in the middle of a farming war with another team, so he was asking you AS WELL AS THE OTHER PARTY to leave each other alone to stop the issue HE WAS CONTACTED TO HELP WITH. On top of that he NEVER threatened you, just the opposite. I HAVE the screen shots of the entire conversation. Now you come to forums to CRY about something that is your own fault? GROW UP
All [removed team name] did was protect their own…
This thread needs to shut down for being rediculous drama

I don’t normally go off like this… especially in forums…
But this is so far beyond rediculous and untrue it’s disgusting…
There is no such thing as BULLY POLICE
You are just angry at being caught on a lie, being in the wrong, and being called out for it…
And again [removed team name], the team, had nothing to do with it nor did they ever threaten to “wipe the floor” with your team…
Find another game that caters to the hormonal upsets of preteens and teens…

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Oh drama. I removed all instances of the team name in this thread. Remember the forums are to be a positive, constructive place, not a place to air player disputes.