When To Build another Flak Tower?

Just wanted to share some of my thoughts on a specific question I think a lot of people have, and that I struggled with a lot getting started.

“Should I build another flak?!” Or better phrased, “Can I sustain another flak at max level for my level?”

Specifically for me as free to play, but it applies to everyone.

I’m gonna share a little video I made on this topic and highlight my main points here:

  • Do you have enough extra embers currently to get you’re new flak to max level for your level?
  • Will you have enough left over to level all your flaks for the next several events or until you’re able to earn more (another season line or chest opening).
  • Are you willing to allocate Sigils to a branch like the base boost with extra Embers?
    -Are you willing open your gold chests during fortification to earn Embers?

I am free to play with 2 flaks at lvl 43 and player lvl 176, with 30k excess embers. A third flak to get to lvl 43 would cost 40k embers… so I’m definitely not ready haha. I hope to reconsider a third flak around level 250 or 300 and which time I hope to be in better standing, but I might be shifting some gold chests to fort!!! :astonished:


I started my third flak at level 387, when my max tower level was 72. And I’m already out of embers to get them to 85 (all 82 at the moment).

So, I would say, E2P and F2P, no way to have 3 flaks.


Dang that’s crazy, but I guess not too surprising. Thanks!

So second flak as free to play, make sure you’re ready… 3rd flak be very careful cause you’ll likely be getting into trouble unless you have been a crazy grinder, high level, and lots saved…

I do love a challenge… so I’ll let you know in a year or so where I’m at and if I might have the resources to take the leap haha

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:pleading_face::broken_heart: My poor base :cry::sob:


You aren’t E2P though?

I have 3 flaks, barely hanging on, but i’ve leveled significantly less than others in the period that flaks and embers in general have been available. With getting a mythic the past 4 seasons (think resources to stockpile and open) I’m barely able to keep 3x L77 flaks on my base.

It’s HARD.

Most players think they can, since the ember cost is so low in the tower level 30s and 40s and even maybe early 50s, but it simply isn’t sustainable if you level at a mediocre pace. You need to SLOW DOWN and do what I did, take 3+ years to go 400 levels. Basically skipping a lot of forts and optimizing as much as you can for breeding.


I am not E2P, strictly F2P. So that makes things harder for sure haha.

That’s good to know, I agree seeing the upgrade costs and excess ember at lower levels makes it seem more manageable but the exponential increase is what makes me hesitate so this is a good caution.

I think I’m gonna try to pace myself now that I’m nearing garnet tier, and hopefully stock up resources over the several seasons and see where I end up.


Or you can be like me and grind tokens like crazy to keep my dragons up with my base

FTFY :+1:


Thanks Grumpy. He is new around here it seems so no worries :upside_down_face:


Why does everyone always think I am male? I haven’t over leveled just like to have the highest tier possible at my level. Or maybe I have since I still need eggs for my builders hut

  1. Think as generic gender thing
  2. Mech is limited by Embers and Pearls not egg token, as he’s among the craziest grinders (:thinking: the craziest might suit him more…) out there, the idol of all E2P grinders…

Let me explain, you replied with that comment to mechenneg, he is (on the forums) the example E2P player. Every E2P player strives to be like mech because of how much he works on his base and his dedication. As for needing eggs for builders hut, 100% of us are probably in that situation.


Thanks Orca, didn’t get that he meant level up slowly because of limited embers/pearls, looking back I should’ve realized that. I’m also aware of how much he grinds as well as what he does for all of us.

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I spend and focus on 4 flaks, I am struggling to get three of them from 80 to 85.


Is your main 176 or is that a free alt?


It is my main - I only have one account. First and only!

So…how are you F2P or E2P as a CF member?

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What I think they are trying to warn about is what is referred to as a “coach” situation.

This other streamer (CoachJPop) who used to be part of the creators faction a few years ago kept telling everyone that he was an entirely F2P player. However I believe it’s fairly common knowledge that CF members are…compensated for their advertising efforts in the form of digital currencies. To the tune of pushing them into some form of “spender” category as defined by DocHoIIiday a while back.

If you are indeed using these currencies for personal progress, then it just becomes not-fair to call yourself a F2P player, because you are now in the realm of a lot of spenders in the game, so progress and success in seasons/lineage/base isn’t truly reflective of a FREE player.

However if you have a stash of entirely saved up currencies which you have not dipped into at all, then you are still playing as a F2P player and all is good.


I see what you mean now.

So I just join CF less than 1 month ago. At the time I didn’t realize that I was going to be compensated, and when I did realize this, I have been sorting out how to keep this compensation separate from my F2P progress.

Unfortunately this will be impossible to do entirely, however, for the remained of this season it is very possible, and means that I will have competed 2 seasons in a row with obtaining mythic dragons for free, and all my other progress up till now, as F2P.

I have thought about keeping record of my CF compensation and applying it to different things like the festive dragon to allow me to make videos on more dragons, however, in these lines I will obtain additional rewards like speed ups and tokens and so on, which will be much more difficult to keep isolated from being F2P.

So I haven’t fully solidified how I am going to proceed as this is a recent problem. If you have suggestions I’d love to hear them, however, I haven’t found another option besides no longer calling my progress “free”, BUT referring to my videos on last season and this season in which I managed to get mythics back to back as F2P AND leave myself in position to continue doing it season after season.


Appreciate input from both so I’ll reply to this comment now haha.

I have contemplated one possibility which is asking for compensation in the form of elite, and calling myself E2P, however, I don’t know how likely that would be.