When to build second perch?

I currently have a small base with kill island at island 3. The perch there (seagazer?) is level 32. I have been hoarding black pearls since I got it big enough to hold sapphire dragons. I have about 16k black pearls saved up.

So with fort coming up, my question is

  • Should I build the second perch - river watch? Will be useful when I move to middle long setup. From my calculations I have enough pearls to get it up to level 30. Since I only have one perch, I keep switching the rider to atlas defender rider during fort for construction bonus. ( don’t have any other rider with construction bonus). Which causes low DP during fort and is an issue when doing atlas attacks during the fort event. I can put defender on always without loosing on defense if I build another perch.

  • Second option is to build the existing perch higher. Like most I have put mehaten on it now with the intention of getting Oni later. But I am only lvl 308 with half a vanguard egg shezard done. It will take a while to get Oni as backbreed from emp parents. Also I am not too sure now about moving to middle long setup in current meta.

Would love to hear what everyone thinks. Thanks.

Middle long is useful around the time you max 7 towers, which is somewhere around 330 depending on how optimised you have been.

I’d get that second perch to 31 and no further than 31.


As soon as you can make both to 31.

IMO, middle long is useful early for construction discount rider (defenders, unless you have Adriel)

By the time you swap to mid long layout, you can swap both perches function.

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Was gonna go old school and say never… but then reread your initial post three more times… yup… took that much to sink in… “Construction Bonus” … listen sweetheart you go right on ahead and pile on those Black Pearls into any kinda Perch you like… why you can even hold it down as a Rage Dampner till get the rest up to snuff!

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