When to get primarch boosts


I went ahead and got the sieger boost this season, but was wondering about the actual benefit and what would make the boost necessary vs an excessive expense.

If it’s a 25% boost, does that mean if it costs 100k glory, it would pay for itself after 400k glory? At what point would you actually start seeing a net gain? (not sure about terminology but basically where it paid for itself and also whatever else you could have gotten with the glory you spent on the boost)


I think you’re asking the wrong question and would be best calculated in less troop loss than more glory.


Also, it’s not a static function as it heavily depends on your primarchs type/level vs the opponents primarchs type/level


Good point. I was probably thinking about this all wrong.


Well, it really depends on how your battles go and the situations you use your primarchs

Glory wise only:
If you are always attacking normally, you probably won’t see a difference since you are typically capped by the troops you lose.
If you are hit, it will help you lose less troops compared to the attacker and subsequently gain more glory from your losses

Non Glory wise:
It will help you kill more enemy troops for the same glory, which is important when trying to overtake or dissuade follow up attacks

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