When to speed good egg missions without Elite? 🤓

Hi ya’ll,

I know that the best time to speed up the egg missions with Elite and bonus is 1/2/4 on the 1/4/20 hours missions respectively. But I have a member who has the bonus but no Elite. What should the numbers be then? I searched but it’s a lot of digging with still not knowing. Your help is appreciated. :kissing_heart:

Wouldn’t you just cut it in half again? So 30min/1h/2h?

Makes sense to me but the curve might not be linear …

Does elite even impact the ruby cost?

Ask him/her to get the token bonus…then convince your teammate to get elite lol. If no elite bonus, I wouldn’t speed any mission up. Breeding event and token bonus doesn’t stack unfortunately.


Instead of 80/160/320 payout, it becomes 40/80/160 payout, which means that 30 rubies would buy 40 egg tokens instead of 80 egg tokens with elite. So yes, it affects the effectiveness of the rubies.

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Lutrus is correct. The times remain identical, you simply get half of the overall payout. :+1:

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I meant literally the amount of rubies to speed up each mission, I know the effectiveness is worse without elite lol. If the rubies are the same, I don’t see how it would change “when to speed” the egg missions.

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I’m wondering when the best time to speed would be then … that the token per ruby is better than opening gold chests. Maybe there isn’t a time :thinking:

The ruby cost remains the same but the egg tokens earned is cut in half

There is a ratio … I forget what it is for opening gold chests for rubies

I know it gets cut in half :man_facepalming: that’s not what I was asking…

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I thought you knew that…lol I’m not exactly sure what the question is specifically asking.

So does the elite account change the amount of rubies required to speedup an egg mission? Is this the question?

1 hour missions can speed up whenever, 4 hour most ideal is 2 hr and 20 minutes about (when it costs 60 rubies), 20 hour missions is around 4 hours 30 min or so (Im usually asleep when it gets to be a good time to speed that one up)

1hr (or whenver), 2hr, 4hr is an easier way to remember it

Yes that was the question

Ok. Looking back at pasts posts. Speeding up missions with elite and bonus at 1/2/4 yields a ratio of 2.67 tokens / ruby. While opening gold chests with rubies for egg tokens is a ratio of 0.44 tokens / ruby. So, I’m wondering about about bonus only.

So wouldn’t you just divide 2.67 by 2 to see what it is without elite?


One would think so but it might not be so. Curves matter

Where did you get the gold chest token per ruby net? Seems like it depends on the event you open chests…is that a breeding event?

From this old post