When to spend my rubies


A year ago I decided to forgo chasing multiple dragons each season in favour of saving chests and rubies for one big season. It paid off, I started this season with 350+ gold and 2500+ bronze chests as well as 310k in rubies. Now with 3 events left this season 317k in rubies, am at the sapphire stone for pathox and I have a choice to make. Do I…
A) Exchange the rubies for gold chests 830 now before sigils and get as much as possible in loot and spend on prospero or the second dragon
B) wait until next season do the same and smash put tree one in winter
C) wait until sigil chests and trade rubies for sigils 660 chests and try’s for all of tree 2?


Level and tier?

Honestly it sounds like you should wait till the very end of the season when the preview next season and next season’s drags in order to make an informed decision.

I personally don’t like sigil chests as they interfere with your progression, but they are very good at giving sigils for season lines, so it’s all dependent on what your aim is.


This man speaks the truth


Sorry, I’m level 282 and am currently building emeralds. I agree with the idea of waiting to see what’s coming next season. I to further give info have tons of IF,s and chests to spend on PvP battles that should last well into spring maybe summer if I started saving all chests again.


Eesh, would recommend opening golds on breed or fort then since you’re a little behind on dragons.


I’m just kind of baffled by the level of hoarding everyone is doing.

I came into the season with about 150 golds, a few hundred bronze, and about 150k rubies. I used the golds and some of the rubies to get Cav fully unlocked the first two weeks. I picked up the 100% egg bonus because I wasn’t willing to sell out my progression THAT badly to get Pathox. I’ve been aggressive in chasing rewards in every event so far. That includes spending rubies on golds as needed.

I just finished the Sylphen branch and am STILL sitting on 150k rubies with three+ weeks left. I could buy the entire Pathox branch with rubies for ~125k, so… I’m going to make it, and I had a fraction of what some people feel they need.

My plan now is to burn a lot of those rubies over the next 3 weeks to do well in events, which will give me more prizes and sigils, which in turn result in more rubies. This game has a massive feedback loop, and I feel like my hoarding limited me more than I should have let it. Gotta spend sigils to make sigils, after all.


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