When to stop leveling

Hi … We have fortification starting in two days and I always have the same question, when to stop levelling… What is a right moment (even having resources to level up) to stop…
I’m currently level 219 with a boosted defense at 413M… Next breeding event should be breeding Estril and Opes (my first 2 Harbinger)… So. What level should I stop ? My flaks are level 51…
Thanks again for any advice…

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Hi Marhai,

I’m a bit behind you in level, 154, but in a similar predicament and would love to hear if there were any major milestones or suggestions you have since you have recently gone through the range I’m heading into.

As a rule of thumb, you can safely level up to the point where you are builder egg capped. In other words, as long as you can build the highest level towers possible for your level, you’re good.

With your breeding progress, I expect you currently have a level 33 (emerald) builder hut. That means you can level up to 228 without restraint. After that, you’d need an obsidian builder hut to continue, for which you’ll likely need to do those next breeds.

That said, it’s not a rock-hard limit, and especially not in the 200-300 level range, so I wouldn’t worry too much about overshooting a bit, anywhere up to 250 you’re still doing fine.

Up until Vanguard eggs, you’ll have this balance act between getting dragons fast enough and building fast enough. Once you have a bunch of Vanguard eggs around level 400 you can pretty much build as hard as you want, timers will be almost certainly be your bottleneck no matter what from that point onwards.


Honestly… So far, I have fun with some dragons for awhile, but they are just breeders for next level… Since I have a couple of strong Mythics there is none of them, worth keeping in my roster…

If you are ahead of breeding and that is not a factor and if timers you have more then you can use
2 thing should decide how much to level up how many points you want to get in event so you get the amount of sigil u need and how much levels you want to level up your Devine dragons.

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Thanks for all the good points… Understood well… Will check event points and level up as closer as possible to reach 8/8 for my team and probably stop around there… If still have some room, could go after more prizes …

My Devines are still emerald, so I want to be able to level them up to obsidian… Then after next breeding/Fort probably taken them to Harbinger…

Breeding - wise, you’re in a good spot, since you’ve got mythic Obsidian.
Just need to match fort progress.
For a note, having more than 5 capped towers (:thinking: can be 6 or 7, depends on how compact your base is) is possible, as usually, 5 capped towers aren’t enough to reach 300.

I have a short base… Could have gone higher on last fort, but would have increased to much my level, hence the title of my post… Attached my base (lighting towers are there only for Atlas)… thanks…

Doing awesome being ready to breed harbs. Down side of being ready to breed them at 213 - you can not hatch them until you upgrade the incubator which is at level 280

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Here are a couple of recommendations :

  • stop leveling your perch. You will need black pearls when you move to mid long. You are losing xp to use on other towers by leveling your perch (which isn’t a very strong tower unless you’re end game)
  • on island 3, all your towers should always be at the highest level available. Focus on those 5 so that it really becomes your kill island and forget about the rest of your base

Thanks for the advises… I was levelling up my perch because I though of putting Stormheim there, but already gave up… Would need too much dark defense gear which I use my shard to level up my main attack devine…

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So, I should go let’s say, level 250 this event and 280 next fort… Which will leave me basically nothing to breed next breeding event, right? A jump from 219 to 280 is too big of a jump for one event I think …

Yeah… I have to stop around 250 anyway… Don’t have obsidian eggs to go higher than that for my flaks and etc…

Personally never lol

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Me too lol

U got folks whom cant hatch and then some i mean up to you

Got the tips from this topic on last Fortification and went as high as level 253 but would like to keep the same subject here for next week event… Where to go from here… Last Breeding I breed Opes and Estril but couldn’t hatch because of leveling… I have the rss to go all the way to 300, but should I stop at 280 or move to 300? Thanks again for all help…

Here’s a picture of my base after last leveling… So, what’s best level to stop? Tks again…

you dont :face_with_hand_over_mouth: dragons are discounted so u willl be there no time at all for starters secondly it starts to take a lot of xp and to be 468 will take some time which soon u will start slowing once u are in the 400s slowing alot