When to switch breed paths sub 400 / over 400

I’m a level 402. I started breeding empyrean dragons when sub 400, following Red’s Sub-400 Empyrean Breed Path (Rajin J2). I was about halfway through that path when I broke the 400 barrier. I have Tuktu, Methalex, and Altimorak (Step 8). I just started incubating one of the Empyreans following last fortification when I broke 400 and was able to upgrade my incubator.

I have enough mystics and tokens to get Itzani (the only other vanguard I don’t have is Balahm).

Do I just finish this path even though I’m over 400 or should I switch to one of the normal empyrean paths?

If it helps, I usually go up 5-8 levels each build event (but to be conservative lets say 5 levels)

If you’re over 400, use an over 400 path I’d say.


Switch to Rajin J2 or Rajin J2L now, I’d say.


I actually switched over the the normal paths instead of the sub400 paths before I actually hit lvl 400, because I knew I’d hit lvl 400 before I reached a point on the path where I need to be that level in order to continue breeding.

But yeah, once you’re 400 or higher, there’s no reason to stay on the sub400 path :slightly_smiling_face:

I switched to normal one even being 330, currently 351 breeding Kaze, for the same reason as Liz, because I knew I will reach 360 soon and that’s actually all that is needed to feel comfortable on these paths.

Thanks folks. I switched to the normal RJ2 but not before dropping all my mystics and tokens into Itzani. I dont need it for RJ2 but in that path, I’m stuck waiting for Tuktu and Methalex to cook so I can breed Evakhet then go for Seraph. Figured rather than skipping the event get some prizes at least. I’ll get Evakhet next month then Seraph in December. I probably still wont be high enough to breed abyssal so I’m not rushing it.

I looked and planned for the normal path when I was 280 :slight_smile: (I knew I would be 400 for when I need to be… even now I’m not 400)

I don’t plan that far in advance lmao.

you’re missing out on all the spreadsheet fun then…

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The latest iteration of my general plan was in May when I was 282 and went to Jan 2020, now I have extended to March 2020 :man_shrugging:
Is a strategy game!

And you didn’t saw @Morreion plans, that is detailed :slight_smile:

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I typically only have vague plans and do all my fort planning the day the event starts :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face by timers.” – Mike Tyson.

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I got Oni instead of Itzani so after Oni I guess I switched to Rajin O #1 or Rajin J1 for Meth and Eva and will follow that into the Seraph Abysmal path

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