When will archmages be transformable?

I was wondering when the archmages will me transformable/mergeable. I can’t find it anywhere on the forums. They have been out for a while now so feels like it’s time. I don’t know how long it usually takes for new towers to become mergeable but it feels like it isn’t as long as it’s taking with the archmages. Does anyone know if PG has said anything about this? Or what is the plan PG?


I have been wondering the same thing. I was hoping that new towers would become merge/transformable when the next new tower gets introduced. However it seems more likely that a new tower gets that option closer to every 2nd new tower release. (From observation)

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I asked multiple PG employees this in a PM just yesterday. If I get a response I’ll post the gist of what they say

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Based on former towers, transform and merge will be enabled next season.


I was about to ask this about Occulus lol. I built one solely for merging purposes and didn’t realize they weren’t mergeable until now.

Ocu wont be able to merge soon.

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