When will atlas go out to rest of game and a few other ideas/ comments and opionions?

was just wondering. It’s already become a normal piece of the game for me. I really don’t know how i survived playing so long without it previously. Atlas is the best.I only wish the primarch didn’t crap of at such low rss gold storage lvls lol. I have like a hundred lvls to climb before any of my primarchs can get to lvl 3.

Was also curious when you guys think they’ll add the other 2 rows of primarchs in that primarch tree screen. you know how at the top the starter one is under the first. then the sieger, taunter, destroyer and rusher are under the second but then the 3rd and 4rth rows are both still blank.

Also any other new feature you guys think would be cool.

Im also looking forward to the map getting bigger so thiers more stomping ground to hunt and such lol.

Bigger Primarchs and more map are definitely somewhere in the future. We have a pretty massive update before that though in a few weeks. Please look forward to it! :+1: :+1:


sweet i do indeed. Especially on the primarchs. Thnx for the info bud.

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