When will we see compensation?


So, it’s been FOREVER since we had grumble. Do you all remember grumble? That expensive dragon? I still have 540+ frags from him. PG stated on MULTIPLE occasions we would see compensation. Here we stand, with nothing. Are the players forgotten? PG do you care?

I don’t quite understand how we are pushing new tiers of dragons at lightening speed. Yet we can get compensated for the money we’ve wasted.

Now, let’s talk about these mega coins. We weren’t given a choice we received a Mega coin for our 100% valor and that was it. Where are my 10% valors? I had a good amount of these, now they’re gone. Where? When will I be reimbursed? another thing I paid money for and now has disappeared?

At what point will this be fair? I already have like 400k+ fire and ice shards. PG you are killing his game for me.

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This was already clearly covered well over a year ago:


As for valor, conversions were already run and we will not be doing any further compensation at this time.

Right now I’m not aware of any plans to do anything with extra fire / ice shards.


What compensation did I receive for my 10% valor’s?


lol, no one received any compensation for those!


@PGJared what compensation were we given for 10% valor? Or did you get rid of a currency in game that I paid money for, and not give me anything? You can address this directly or I’ll keep bugging you. I don’t care.


Well one could argue, they are still there but you can’t use them, so you don’t see them like evo stone and thus they weren’t taken away.
If ever the forge addon comes out where you dust things, you might be able to dust your valors then. Shame one me I had it and already have forgotten the name. Proably will wake my better half tonight when remembering :wink:


After some thought i have to agree with you here… Those valors dropped in gold chests. I do not know the actual amount they dropped but i know for a fact they were included in gold chests. Taking them away without compensation is the equivalent to taking away my next 20 gold chests that i earn without compensation. It’s even worse for those who had spent in those valor events and were unfortunate enough to have over 100 of the 10% valors, equaling even more good chests.


Umm, excuse me, but no. The thought process behind the move from valors to the megacoin was covered, but when myself and others brought up the 10% valors you told us you would address it in further discussions. When you failed to follow up I started bumping the thread until you told me not to.

Now we’re exactly where I predicted we’d be three months ago: you didn’t follow through and hoped/assumed it would be forgotten and none of us would remember that a gold chest resource was removed from the game with haphazard/inadequate compensation.



Wanna talk about it now?


Not defending pg but he did say that they discussed it and just decided that there would be no compensation for the small valors. At least thats how I interpret “no further compensation for valors” (since players with a big one were compensated with a mega). That must be what it means. Which I agree is :poop::man_shrugging:t2:


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