When you ask about gold

When I asked about the gold look at the reponse I get :pensive: he just past my ticket up and said I don’t care if you don’t get your full amount of gold…

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I’m not sure which of the two people you are referring to but neither of them said they don’t care that you didn’t get the full amount of gold :thinking:

He basically said it when he said he’s going to close the ticket.

And he gave no attention to my statement about the gold

Looks more like a misread ticket to me due to the fact he is talking about Glory instead of Gold. They won’t say they don’t care because that’d be even worse customer service however, they also won’t credit the gold because PG are discussing this issue at the moment (apparently), and a lot of people have had this issue without credits being given.

The gold should be put into bank since there’s prizes going up to 10m and most people only holding up to 2-5m storage space

I’m not disagreeing with you just stating facts, it’s been raised consistently since the season started:


You se another great mind :relieved:

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