When you receive gold from team bank, you can only hold the max rss storage right?

for example i was just curious about this. i know the answers prob no you cant do this but after reading this one forum the other day it had me wondering. if you request gold from you rteams bank when your already at the capped amount, will it exceed that mark so you could say unlock another primarch slot or no you can only hold max?

im 99.9% already sure this is a no but wanted to hear it from someone else before banking the idea and settling with using rubies to do it.

Gold storage max is different from normal storage max at same levl of storage, you can check out how much gold you can store at your storage levl at dragon-manager.com

Sorry no, transfers from the bank will never exceed the amount you can hold. You must use rubies to make up the difference

I believe that the only time that the amount of gold you have will exceed your storage cap is when you receive gold from the bazaar and that’s it.

gotcha ok thanks. how much does it cost to do 3rd primarch slot? im about to open 2nd up.

Lots for the 3rd slot. I’ve heard in the 25-30k ruby mark or so?

It’s an expensive option that isn’t really needed unless you are really going heavy becuase you can swap your primarchs out between the two slots as needed

hm ok thanks. ive heard that even when the resource storage is filled and maxed out both in lvl and gold capacity being held it still costs rubies?

Yes…albeit less then it used to cost

Gold in excess of your personal storage hut capacity is lost.

Gold in excess of the team Bank’s capacity is not.

  • When the bank is full, no additional Gold is allowed to be sent there.
  • When the bank is full, Taxes are not collected.

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