Where am I? lol


Is anyone else having trouble figuring out exactly where they are in Atlas since the new update? My “take me to the primarch” icon is often not there to click on and when I can find it, it brings me to an area only to see a bunch of dragons and I’m not sure which one is mine? In the old version, the primarch icon used to stay with me (pointing to my drag) so I could see where I was at all times- if I moved to a mine or to a poacher, etc… Now, I can only tell where I am if I have just moved somewhere so there is a green trail behind me (lol). Or I can figure it out because the screen is exactly centered over a specific mine or poacher after clicking on the “take me to the primarch” icon. It gets really confusing when trying to move back and forth between poachers and mines that are close together.
Was this intentional or a bug?


Took my teammate 5 minutes to find his Primarch… it seems like the icon goes away when you are in the area, and then you have to look for the Primarch with a green base to find yours. Not nearly as user-friendly as it was before.
On the plus side, love the coordinates!


Agree, it’s a step back from a UI perspective. Please keep the prim icons persistent, and when I’m zoomed out please make sure there is sufficient separation between the home button and the buttons for prims. They often overlap making precise selection impossible.

For clarity, the prim icons disappear when you are zoomed in and it’s actually difficult to find and switch between prims. When zoomed out, the icons are there but often hidden behind the home button. I’m on iOS.

Do like the increased button size and especially the coordinates!

@PGDave @PGFeds


Yeh…it’s a bug. Worked correctly in our testing - didn’t work when we went live. We are working on a fix to put the icons back. Sorry about that!



You can select you primarch, and it will automatically find it from this screen now.

Please also keep this option @PGFeds, thanks


We plan to! Making it easy to get to your Primarchs is a good thing.



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