Where are all the kingpins?

I’ve been online for 3 hours now and no kingpins/poachers?
Are they only showing up once a day or what? What a rip!


Good question.
Nowhere did I read that the regular poachers would just be wiped from the map and nowhere to be found.


Can‘t find any. :roll_eyes:


Just upgraded both my acca to KP elite , and. Now no kingpins to be found … great job ,PG

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It’s a trap!

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The sky is falling the sky is falling!


I suspect it may be on purpose as they all “escaped” within about a 1 hour period that was several hours before reset.

I was going to dig through the idea thread to see if it was discussed when they came back.

Speaking for folks in the safe zone I can say king pins were confusing in the way they were communicated, but fun for me once I sort of figured it out.

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Enlighten us, please? :see_no_evil:

Ya so logged in three times in the last 12 hrs, not a single thing to hit anywhere. Wtf?

Can you give us idea of every how many hours they’re supposed to spawn? Description of event only said it will escape after 6 hours… but didn’t say how often they would spawn.
Only those that were online at event start got to get some points. Not fair for the rest of players.


Keep in mind that some in PG start their day in around two hours (based on PGCrisis’s post) + other catch up

They’ll be back up shortly. Looks like you all beat the Kingpins up so bad that they’re afraid to come out now! We’re giving them a motivational speech now …


So you think , we make a joke on it so its not that worse ,
Them 2 kingpin elite s i bought is the last money you will recieve from me and il HOPE everyone stops with giving their money to PG ,

The event will be extended by 11hr to offset the time poachers/kingpins were unavailable. Points were earnable while they were gone too via PvP, but this extra time will make sure those who are fighting poachers have as much time as originally intended to fight poachers too.


I appreciate some humor hand in hand with a solution :man_shrugging:t3:


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