Where are my flags?

It is hard to see where our flags are in tug of war. This makes it hard for teams to be able to know who to attack without checking all of the flags all of the teams contain to find your stolen flag(s).

Yes, leaders and officers can mark those teams. Maybe they could send an email to the team telling them too. But how do you think they have to find the information? Also, what about the lower league teams who don’t have leaders and officer on often enough to update the targets to reflect newly stolen or won back flags?

I have two suggestions for fixing this problem. I think number 1 is better, but number 2 would still be ok.

  1. On the attack screen please put a flag icon with a number next to it with the teams that have our flag(s). The number would represent how many of our flags they have.
  2. In the list of flags we do have, add a list of where our stolen flags are, and how many each team has.

Another problem I have is being able to see what rank each team has for the current round. Yes, I can go to the team rank page repeatedly, but that’s annoying. If no one has attacked yet, the teams are in order of highest rank first and lowest at the bottom, but after people start attacking, the order changes.

My suggestion is to add a number next to the each team with their rank for that round.


The team gets a mail at the end of every round telling them who took what flags from your team :man_shrugging:


It’s not the easiest thing to read, and it doesn’t give you a cumulative summary. It only tells you what happened in the last round.

If you have one team with three of your flags, that email will tell you if you won one back. However, it won’t tell you that that team still has two of your flags.

I agree that would make it easier to see and mark targets without having to exit and refer to other pages/emails.


The order of teams is marked-unmarked, highest threat-lowest threat.

I think this is one of the better possible ways to order the information. In the end-of-round frenzy, if you miss a defense banner because you’re attacking, you will still at least see the results if a team moves from even to threatening your flag. If a team moves from losing a flag to you to just shy of even, you’ll have to scroll down to see, but that’s a lesser threat.

I agree, it isn’t the easiest to read, at all, and only shows the last rounds results.

Having to go team to team to see who has your flags IS annoying, especially since flags get traded on in following rounds.

Personally, I’d rather TOW get scrapped completely, but yeah, putting something in the main battle screen that shows where your flags are would be helpful.


I’m not talking about changing the order of the teams. I just want the information (How many of my flags they have, and their team rank for that round.) to be visible on the attack screen for the event (the screen where all of the teams are listed).

That being said, I find it a bit annoying that if I was winning a flag, and they made an attack that changed it so my team was only 800 points ahead, that I cannot easily see that I just lots a flag I was about to win.

Teams originally go into the sort in ranked order, so if two teams have the same status versus you in a round (i.e., it’s 0-0), the higher ranked team will appear first.

I’m not sold on the need for presenting team rank on the battle page; it’s not hugely relevant to (smart) targeting. What’s the use case?

I agree that the presentation of winning flags turning into draws isn’t great. The best alternative off the top of my head would be to save the flag status (losing, even, winning) of every team every time you hit the battle tab, and if any of those have changed between your last visit and the present, put that team at the top. Some would probably find that confusing, though.

As I said, after teams have started attacking, they are no longer in the order of highest ranked anymore. After that happens, having two teams with the exact same score is highly unlikely. So the only way to know team rank is by going to the separate team rank page.

The reason rank matters is because the higher their rank, the more points their flag gives you.

It’s not very nice to call my tactics (stupid) especially since they aren’t.

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Yes, but it’s generally better strategic judgment to target proximally ranked teams, of which there are only ever going to be 1-5. The teams that are ranked higher generally are ranked higher because their flags are relatively hard to steal. E.g., anyone in rank 3-5 in our current league could’ve been #2 if they hadn’t wasted tens of thousands of points worth of attacks targeting the #1 and obtaining 0 flags for their efforts. :wink:

In your example, you would still need to know rank. And hitting the highest rank that your team can reasonable win the flag gives your team more points. You don’t get many points for hitting the team in 20th place because their flags are easier to steal.

Also, if you only target those close to you, you may be holding your team back. I didn’t target the close teams, but I did get my team from top 15 to top 5 in the event. Why? Because I knew my team could handle it. It is important to know your team and have good strategy.

We are in a GC together, so you know I’ve been playing this game for a long time. You should have inquired about my strategy instead of calling me stupid. In general, calling someone stupid in the forums is rude.

I wonder about that. If a team has more than one of our flag, it’s possible that the flag is taken by another team, thus we need to check each team whether they have our flag or not.

It literally tells you if they have your flag or not if you go in attack a team and first go into FLAGS tab…

I think the dynamics of it was more interesting though… everyone starts with 100 homeflags each worth x2.5, in the beginning it is ok to sacrifice a homeflag if it means capturing 3 or more enemyteams flag and hometeam gets it back…because the more homeflags that get stolen the greater their value and worth become in the final rounds of the event. Basically each enemyflag we steal is multiplied by the number of homeflags the team is controlling (out of the original 100) and that is the value of each individual flag that the team has.

  • homeflags then give x2.5 bonus once their value is determined. That and the actual enemyflags that the hometeam steals has a value…that value is determined same way. Enemy x Home and is also factored in at the end of each round. This determine overall rank of each team for every round. Basically dont waste energy on a team that you will lose against regardless, especially if it gives u opportunity to steal enemyflags

Hope this helps…made a little somethin to try and help illustrate what im trying to explain. The differences in sacrificing a homeflag over 3 enemyflags just aint gonna cut it anymore. :slight_smile:


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The email gives a list of flags stolen, then a list of teams that stole those, they are aligned in order, if your flag is #3 on the list of stolen, look at the #3 team on the list and that is who took your flag.

I hope this helps and answers your question.

I believe OrcaFrost meant “whether they had our flag in a previous round or not.”

Thanks for trying to help, but the email is unfortunately not sufficient information for finding your stolen flags. :persevere:

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I forgot about the detail, since it’s the ToW before the last.
I believe that my team marked wrong teams (several times), thinking that they held our flag.
That’s why I also asked about some scenarios in another thread.

It hasn’t been answered even though ToW has ended.

I also wondered this when i was analyzing the event. I believe that only the flags owner can steal their homeflag back from an enemy team and another rival is not able to steal it once the enemy team has ran out of their homeflags.

I think you can only steal the flags they had before the round ended. So Grinch would end up with Orca’s flag.

However, if in the next round Red beats Grinch again and Orca’s flag gives more points than Grinch’s flag, then Red will end up with Orca’s flag.

If you win against a team, you win which ever flag is most valuable to you. This means that if you beat the 5th place team who has a 2nd place teams flag, you get the 2nd place teams flag instead of the 5th place teams flag.